november, 2021

12nov - 13nov 129:00 amnov 13Conference: "The Greek War Of Independence And The Americas" (Mark A. Mazower)

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“The Greek War Of Independence And The Americas” 

Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies


History Department


“The Greek War of Independence and the Americas”

Friday-Saturday, November 12-13, 2021

The conference will be held via zoom.

Times shown below are U.S. EDT.



Friday, November 12, 2021


Dimitri Gondicas, Princeton University

Mark Mazower, Columbia University

9:15am PANEL 1: Independence: Hellenism and Ideas of the Americas     

Chair: Konstantina Zanou, Columbia University

Louis Ruprecht, Georgia State University (abstract and bio)
“Hegel’s Concept of World History and the Greek War for Independence”

Aristides Hatzis, University of Athens (abstract and bio)
“Americanizing Greece: The Pro-American Greek Liberal Intellectuals and their Hegemony in the Revolutionary Press (1824-1827)”

Sakis Gekas, York University (abstract and bio)
“America’s First Greek Moment. The 1821 Revolution in the United States Press and the Limits of Philhellenism”

Roberto Breña, El Colegio de México (abstract and bio)
“Counterpoints Between the Greek Independence Process and the Spanish American Emancipation Movements”        

11:00am BREAK       

11:15am PANEL 2: American Philhellenisms: Gender, Race, Religion

Chair: Peter Wirzbicki, Princeton University

Aspasia Gkioka, Independent Scholar (abstract and bio)
“For ‘a brighter Hellas’: Calling for Freedom in Freedom’s Journal (1827-1829) Poems”

Elisavet Papalexopoulou, European University Institute (abstract and bio)
“‘Our Beloved Greek Sisters…’: Philhellenism as Gendered Political Practice”

Michael Konaris, Swedish Institute at Athens (abstract and bio)
“From Ruthless Barbarians to Trading Partners: Edward Everett’s Representation of the Turks & the Ottoman Empire”

12:30pm BREAK    

1:00pm PANEL 3: Comparative Revolutions: Hellas and Latin America

Chair: Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

Maurizio Isabella, Queen Mary College University of London (abstract and bio)
“A Quest for Autonomy? The Greek Revolution and the Territorial Crisis of Southern Europe and the Ibero-American Empires in the 1820s”

Gabriel Entin, Universidad de Chile (abstract and bio) and Eugenia Palieraki, CY Cergy Paris Université (abstract and bio)
“Greek Intellectual References in South America Independences. Rio de la Plata, Chile and Peru during Revolution and War (1810-1825)”

Alessandro Bonvini, University of Naples ‘Federico II’ (abstract and bio)
“Costante Ferrari: A Bolivarian Philhellene in the Age of Revolutions”

2:15pm  ADJOURN


Saturday, November 13, 2021           

9:30am PANEL 4: Children of the (Greek) Revolution

Chair: Mark Mazower, Columbia University

Gonda Van Steen, King’s College London (abstract and bio)
“The United States as a Haven for Greek Revolutionary War Orphans? Myth and Reality”

Iakovos Michailidis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (abstract and bio)
“Between Two Motherlands: Children of the Greek Revolution in the United States of America”

Christin Zurbach, University of California, Berkeley (abstract and bio)
“Tempest-Tossed: Rethinking Greek Independence and American Abolition through the Eyes and Lives of Refugee Children”

Maria Christina Chatziioannou, National Hellenic Research Foundation (abstract and bio)
“The Aftermath of the Chios Massacre (1822), Alexander G. Paspatis and the Spread of Protestantism in the Mediterranean”

11:15am BREAK

11:30am PANEL 5: Sovereignty in Transition

Chair: Natasha Wheatley, Princeton University

Mihail Sotiropoulos, University of Athens (abstract and bio)
“The Declaration of Greek independence in a Global Context”

Aimee Genell, University of West Georgia (abstract and bio)
“Sovereignty and Autonomy in Ottoman Greece”

Will Smiley, University of New Hampshire (abstract and bio)
“Between Islamic and International Law: Ottoman and Atlantic Responses to Rebellion in the Age of Revolutions”

12:45pm End of Conference


Dimitri Gondicas, Princeton University
Mark Mazower, Columbia University
Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University
Natasha Wheatley, Princeton University
Peter Wirzbicki, Princeton University
Konstantina Zanou, Columbia University


12 (Friday) 9:00 am - 13 (Saturday) 12:45 pm