Visiting Scholars/Scientists


Certain persons who are not entitled to appointments as officers of instruction or research but who wish to use the facilities of the University to pursue their own research may be named visiting scholar or visiting scientist. This status is conferred by the Associate Provost and Director of the International Students and Scholars Office, on behalf of the Provost, on the recommendation of the dean, director, or department chair in whose academic discipline the proposed visiting scholar/scientist has an interest. Recommendations in the Health Sciences require the approval of the Executive Vice President for Health and Biomedical Sciences before they are forwarded to the Associate Provost.

The title of visiting scholar/scientist is generally reserved for persons in one of the following categories:

  • scholars from American universities and colleges outside the New York metropolitan area who are on leave from their home institutions and who are not teaching at the University or participating in a research project sponsored by it;
  • graduate students from other American universities and colleges;
  • members of research laboratories or institutions; staff and students of foreign academies and universities;
  • officials and former officials of government or non-government organizations, such as the United Nations, and their affiliates;
  • practicing professional and creative artists; and
  • such other persons as will contribute to the intellectual activity of the University, as approved by the Associate Provost on the request of the school, department, institute, or center.


Visiting Scholars FAQs

  • Library Borrowing Privileges – Visiting Scholars may register with the Library Information Office for Reading Privileges without charge. The fee for Borrowing Privileges is $30 per month. The Department of History does NOT pay for borrowing privileges for Visiting Scholars.
  • Visa Information – The Department of History works with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) to secure J-1 visitors for eligible scholars. Information on how to obtain your J-1 Visa can be found here.


Current Visiting Scholars, Sponsors, and Fields of Study

Alana Camoça (Brazil) – C. Gluck
Asian Studies

Burcu Feyzullahoglu (Turkey) – R. Khalidi
Turkish History

Andreas Gehringer (Switzerland) – E. Carlebach
Jewish History

Perola Maria Goldfeder Borges de Castro (Brazil) – R. John

Ruizhi Guo (China) – M. Ngai

Wieste Stam (The Netherlands) – L. Nguyen
Cambodian History

Alexa Stiller (Switzerland) – M. Mazower
Modern History

Athos Vieira (Brazil) – P. Piccato
Rio de Janeiro during the First Republic

Gregory Witkowski (United States) – V. Berghahn
Archives & Oral History Collection

Nianda Yao (China) – A. Stephanson
Cold War History