The Graduate Program


Students begin research for the dissertation after they receive their M.Phil. degree, which is earned after successful completion of required course work, language exams, and an oral qualifying exam that covers three subjects in the student’s major field of study and one in their minor field. Students typically reach this stage during their third year of graduate study, although some do not complete these tasks until the fourth year.

More information may be found at the American Historical Association page for the department.

2022-23 Department of History Dissertation-in-Progress

Dissertator: Akcaguner, Yasemin
Advisor: Sen, Tunc
Dissertation title: Celestial Bodies: Astral Science, Medicine and the Lifecycle in the Ottoman Empire (1757-1839).

Dissertator: Almukhtar, Amnah
Advisor: Elshakry, Marwa
Dissertation title: Imagined Futures: Political and Social Thought in Iraq, 1906-1930.

Dissertator: Banis, Dillon
Advisor: Tooze, Adam
Dissertation title: The Roots of Modern Sugar: Sugar Beets, Globalization, and Geopolitics in Germany’s Transformation of Sugar Production and Consumption, c. 1870-1920.

Dissertator: Bautista Gonzalez, Manuel
Advisor: Weiman, David
Dissertation title: One City, Many Monies: Domestic and Foreign Currencies in New Orleans, Interregional and International Trade of the Antebellum South, 1822-1862.

Dissertator: Bilalutdinov, Azat
Advisor: Evtuhov, Catherine
Dissertation title: Diplomats for the Empire: Tsarist Consulates and the Russian-Ottoman Encounter in the Balkans 1856-1914.

Dissertator: Blatchford, Barrie
Advisor: Jacoby, Karl
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Bostock, Sahar
Advisor: Khalid, Rashid and Elshakry, Marwa
Dissertation title: Grounding Colonization: Ottoman, British, and Zionist Development in the Desert of Southern Palestine, 1830-1950.

Dissertator: Buckley, James
Advisor: Coleman, Charly
Dissertation title: Political Knowledge and Scholarly Time in Early Modern France.

Dissertator: Chattopadhyay, Sohini
Advisor: Rao, Anupama
Dissertation title: The unclaimed and the pauper corpse as an urban problem: Calcutta and Bombay City, 1896-c. 1960.

Dissertator: Cohen, Jessica
Advisor: George, Abosede
Dissertation title: A Better Life for Us All: Citizen Perspectives on Family Planning in Ghana, 1957-1994.

Dissertator: Coggeshall, Samuel
Advisor: Evtuhov, Catherine
Dissertation title: Consular Networks and the Creation of National Space Between Empire and Revolution, 1898-1934.

Dissertator: Colpa, Luz
Advisor: Saada, Emmanuelle
Dissertation title: Looking for Love: Affect, Marriage and Immigration between France and Senegal, 1939-1980.

Dissertator: Coon, Ella
Advisor: Tooze, Adam
Dissertation title: Control Data: American Power and the Rise of the Global Assembly Line, 1962-1982.

Dissertator: Corban, Robert
Advisor: de Grazia, Victoria
Dissertation title: Bitter Harvest: The Weaponization of Agriculture in Mussolini’s New Order, 1925-1945.

Dissertator: Dayton, Lindsey
Advisor: Kessler-Harris, Alice
Dissertation title: Union House: Service Work in the Twentieth-Century United States.

Dissertator: DeVinney, Joslyn
Advisor: Ahmed, Manan
Dissertation title: Natural Knowledge and Connected Histories of Science: Mysore, France, and Britain in the Eighteenth Century.

Dissertator: Dubler, Roslyn
Advisor: Pedersen, Susan
Dissertation title: Sex, Social Policy, and the Welfare State in Britain and West Germany, 1975-1998

Dissertator: Ellenbogen, Yakov
Advisor: Carlebach, Elisheva and Kosto Adam
Dissertation title: Disability in Ashkenazic Society, 1200-1500

Dissertator: Faulkner, Amanda
Advisor: Smith, Pamela
Dissertation title: Insiders and Outsiders: Individuals and Community in the Dutch World, 1609-1715

Dissertator: Fofana, Idriss
Advisor: Zelin, Madeleine
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Frith, Eric
Advisor: Piccato, Pablo
Dissertation title: Political Economy in Mexico, 1760-1857.

Dissertator: Gambino, Ellen
Advisor: Blake, Casey
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Gao, Hong Deng
Advisor: Ngai, Mae
Dissertation title: Forging Connections: Chinese Americans and Health Activism in New York City, 1943-1985.

Dissertator: Giovanopoulou, Afroditi
Advisor: Mazower, Mark
Dissertation title: Recasting Global Law: Pragmatism in the History of the Postwar Order (1939-1957).

Dissertator: Glade, Rebecca
Advisor: Mann, Gregory
Dissertation title: Political Movements and the Struggle for the State in Sudan, 1964-1985.

Dissertator: Glickman, Susannah
Advisor: Jones, Matt
Dissertation title: Quantum Futurism.

Dissertator: Goetz, Jennifer
Advisor: Evtuhov, Catherine
Dissertation title: 

Dissertator: Gorton, Alice
Advisor: Pedersen, Susan
Dissertation title: Household Nation:  Catholicism, Nationalism and the Family in Britain and the Empire, 1851-1936

Dissertator: Greene, Victoria
Advisor: Ma, John
Dissertation title: Gendered Warfare in the Polis Landscape: The experiences of Women in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE)

Dissertator: Guadarrama Dominguez, Luis
Advisor: Piccato, Pablo
Dissertation title: 

Dissertator: Hamdani, Yoav
Advisor: Jacoby, Karl
Dissertation title: Uncle Sam’s Slaves: Slavery in the U.S. Army 1797-1865

Dissertator: Hardin, Amanda
Advisor: Jacoby, Karl
Dissertation title: Whose Wilderness? Racial Access and Activism in the American Outdoors

Dissertator: Hawk, Emily
Advisor: Blake, Casey
Dissertation title: American Concert Dance at Midcentury: Processes and Products of Embodied Thought, 1964-1976

Dissertator: Houwink ten Cate, Lotte
Advisor: Mazower, Mark
Dissertation title: The Darker Side of Intimacy: Familial Violence in Western Europe, 1970-1997.

Dissertator: Jakubczak, Aleksandra
Advisor: Kobrin, Rebecca
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Joseph, Matthew Eric Pessar
Advisor: Blake, Casey and Hallett, Hilary
Dissertation title: Getting’ Down: Race, Space, and the Representation of Uptown Culture in Twentieth-Century New York City.

Dissertator: Katz, Mariana
Advisor: Milanich, Nara
Dissertation title: The Labor of the State: The Politics of Unfree Work in

Nineteenth-Century Paraguay

Dissertator: Khalifa, Nada
Advisor: Khalidi, Rashid
Dissertation title: After the Fact: Social Investigation Literature, Constitutionalism and the Politics of Evidence in Egypt and Bilad al-Sham, 1908-1923.

Dissertator: Kleiser, Randal Grant
Advisor: Brown, Christopher
Dissertation title: An Empire of Free Ports: Trade, Reform, and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1750-1781.

Dissertator: Le, Adrienne
Advisor: Nguyen, Lien-Hang
Dissertation title: The Vietnamese Buddhist Anti-War Movement, 1960-75.

Dissertator: Lebovich, Andrew
Advisor: Mann, Gregory
Dissertation title: The Search for the Straight Path: Islamic Reform and Regional Change in Algeria, Senegal, and Mali in the Twentieth Century.

Dissertator: Lees, Lynton
Advisor: Pedersen, Susan
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Lerer, David
Advisor: Tooze, Adam
Dissertation title: Managing and Mobilizing the Public Financial Sector in Western Europe, 1881-1945.

Dissertator: McIntosh, Whitney
Advisor: Blake, Casey
Dissertation title: Anti-State, Anti-War, and Anti-Politics: Modern Libertarian Intellectual Culture, 1965-2000.

Dissertator: Nadel, James
Advisor: Stanislawski, Michael and Evtuhov Catherine
Dissertation title: Jewish Speculation: Russian Jews and Financial Investment in Late Imperial Russia, 1870-1917.

Dissertator: Partyga, Karolina
Advisor: Mazurek, Malgorzata and Mazower, Mark
Dissertation title: What’s Enough? Material Waste and Industrial States in Central Europe, 1949-90

Dissertator: Plasek, Aaron
Advisor: Jones, Matthew
Dissertation title: Genealogies of Machine Learning, 1948-2015.

Dissertator: Plowright, Isobel
Advisor: McCurry, Stephanie
Dissertation title: Labor, Land, and the State: The First International in America, 1864-1876

Dissertator: Quijano, Carolyn
Advisor: Senocak, Neslihan
Dissertation title: 

Dissertator: Raine, Barnaby
Advisor: Tooze, Adam
Dissertation title: Lost Horizon: Visions of Ending Capitalism and Britain’s Twentieth Century.

Dissertator: Ramos, Lucas Rene
Advisor: De Grazia, Victoria
Dissertation title: A Far More Severe Law: Italian Queer Activists and the Catholic Nation in an Age of Western Sexual Revolution (1958-2000)

Dissertator: Rivadeneira, Stephanie
Advisor: Pizzigoni, Caterina
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Rosenblum, Noah
Advisor: Moyn, Samuel
Dissertation title: The Tribe of the Eagle: Presidential Democracy in Thought and Practice, 1927-1952.

Dissertator: Ryuk, Sohee
Advisor: Evtuhov, Catherine
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Sadleir, William
Advisor: Evtuhov, Catherine
Dissertation title: Portrait of a Magistrate Court: Legal Culture in the Georgian Countryside.

Dissertator: Sbitan, Jamil
Advisor: Khalidi, Rashid
Dissertation title: Intimate Crises: Prostitution, Sexual Science, and Queer History in Egypt, 1834-2001.

Dissertator: Shah, Rohan
Advisor: Stephanson, Anders
Dissertation title: A world to Win: Contested Visions of Globalization During the 1970s US Economic Crisis.

Dissertator: Shepard, Nikita
Advisor: Chauncey, George
Dissertation title: A History of Public Bathrooms in the United States.

Dissertator: Solis, Gabriel
Advisor: Guridy, Frank
Dissertation title: Of Maquilas and Miracles: Taiwan, the U.S. – Mexico Border and the Making of the Global Factory.

Dissertator: Spooner, Amelia
Advisor: Saada, Emmanuelle
Dissertation title: Formally Free: Regulating Labor After Slavery in the French Empire, 1848–1914

Dissertator: Ullman, Reut
Advisor: Smith, Pamela and Evtuhov, Catherine
Dissertation title: The Battle for the Soul of Russia: the culture of science and the politics of theology in Enlightened Russia

Dissertator: Wang, Danping
Advisor: Lean, Eugenia
Dissertation title: The Chinese War on Cancer: Cancer Research, Prevention and Treatment, 1950s-1990s.

Dissertator: Wilkinson, Conor
Advisor: Stephens, Rhiannon
Dissertation title:

Dissertator: Xing, Chengji (Sally)
Advisor: Ngai, Mae
Dissertation title: Pacific Crossings: John Dewey, Paul Monroe and the Academic Architecture of Chinese Science and Education, 1913-1945.

Dissertator: Yan, Laura Wing Mei
Advisor: Nguyen, Lien-Hang and Ahmed, Manan
Dissertation title: Port Lives: Migrant Workers and the Makings of Singapore and Dubai, 1938-1979

Dissertator: Yellen, Bailey

Advisor: Brown, Christopher

Dissertation title: Radicals in the Age of Gradual Emancipation: Antislavery Activism in Antebellum New York

Dissertator: Zuber, Thomas
Advisor: Mann, Gregory
Dissertation title: Calibrating Childhood: Social Services, Social Sciences and Households (Burkina Faso 1950s-1980s).