The Graduate Program


Students begin research for the dissertation after they receive their M.Phil. degree, which is earned after successful completion of required course work, language exams, and an oral qualifying exam that covers three subjects in the student’s major field of study and one in their minor field. Students typically reach this stage during their third year of graduate study, although some do not complete these tasks until the fourth year.

More information may be found at the American Historical Association page for the department.

2016-17 Department of History Dissertation-in-Progress

Dissertator: Alcenat, Westenley
Advisor: Foner, Eric
Dissertation title: Searching for Zion: Black Emigration to Haiti, 1816-1868.

Dissertator: Aumoithe, George
Advisor: Kessler-Harris, Alice
Dissertation title: Epidemic Preparedness in the Age of Chronic Illness”: Public Health and Welfare Politics in the United States, 1920-1996.

Dissertator: Bautista Gonzalez, Manuel
Advisor: Weiman, David
Dissertation title: One City, Many Monies: Domestic and Foreign Currencies in New Orleans, Interregional and International Trade of the Antebellum South, 1822-1862.

Dissertator: Beckhart, Sarah
Advisor: Piccato, Pablo
Dissertation title: Defined by Drugs: The Cultural and Political Ramifications of Drug Consumption in Mexico, 1960-1986.

Dissertator: Bhattacharyya, Tania
Advisor: Ahmed, Manan
Dissertation title: Bombay, 1839-1932: Empire, Space and Belonging in an Indian Ocean Port City.

Dissertator: Buljina, Harun
Advisor: Mazower, Mark
Dissertation title: The Ends of Empire: Pluralism and the Nation State in the Late and Post-Ottoman Balkans (the Sanjak of Novi Pazar, 1903-43).

Dissertator: Chen, John
Advisor: Khalidi, Rashid
Dissertation title: Re-Orientation: The Chinese Azharites between “Islamic World” and “Third World,” 1931-55

Dissertator: Cho, Eunsung
Advisor: Armstrong, Charles
Dissertation title: The Thread of Juche: Negotiating Socialism and Nationalism through Science in North Korea.

Dissertator: Danziger Halperin, Anna
Advisor: Pedersen, Susan
Dissertation title: British and American Child Care Policy, 1945-1997.

Dissertator: Elmer, Hannah
Advisor: Kaye, Joel
Dissertation title: Sites of Life: Resuscitating and Baptizing Dead Infants in Central Europe, 1400-1600.

Dissertator: Ferguson, Susanna
Advisor: Khalidi, Rashid
Dissertation title: Tracing Tarbuya: Women, Education and Childrearing in Egypt and Lebanon, 1865-1939.

Dissertator: Freeman, Mary
Advisor: Fields, Barbara
Dissertation title: Letter Writing and Politics in the Campaign Against Slavery, 1830-1870.

Dissertator: Frith, Eric
Advisor: Piccato, Pablo
Dissertation title: Political Economy in Mexico, 1760-1857.

Dissertator: Gerien-Chen, James
Advisor: Gluck, Carol
Dissertation title: Between Empire and Nation: Taiwanese Settler-Migrants and the Making of Japanese Empire in South China.

Dissertator: Giordani, Angela
Advisor: Khalidi, Rashid
Dissertation title: Islamic Philosophy and the Humanist Imagination in Twentieth-Century Egypt.

Dissertator: Golaszewski, Devon
Advisor: Mann, Gregory
Dissertation title: Reproductive Labors: Mande Reproductive Expertise and Biomedical Legibility in West Africa.

Dissertator: Gonzalez Le Saux, Marianne
Advisor: Milanich, Nara
Dissertation title: The Lawyer’s Rule: Legal Aid, The Legal Profession, and the Rule of Law in Chile, 1925-1989.

Dissertator: Gundacker, Jay
Advisor: Kosto, Adam
Dissertation title: Commercial Epistemology in the Latin Mediterranean, c. 1270-1475.

Dissertator: Hattori, Masako
Advisor: Stephanson, Anders
Dissertation title: Reconstructing America: The Rise of Positive Imagery of Postwar Educational Reform in the United States, 1898-1945.

Dissertator: Hein, Alana
Advisor: Moyn, Samuel
Dissertation title: Prophets of a New World: Utopia, Rupture, and Literary Practice among the Russian and German Enchanted Intelligentsias, 1900s-1920s.

Dissertator: Kaplan, Abram
Advisor: Jones, Matthew
Dissertation title: The Janus Faces of Tradition: Newton, Leibniz, and the Philological Roots of Calculus.

Dissertator: Kideckel, Michael
Advisor: Jacoby, Karl
Dissertation title: Fresh from the Factory: Breakfast Cereal, Natural Food, and the Marketing of Reform, 1890-1920.

Dissertator: Koeth, Stephen
Advisor: Katznelson, Ira
Dissertation title: The Suburbanization of American Catholicism: Postwar Political Realignment and Religious Restructuring, 1945-1980.

Dissertator: Kressel, Daniel
Advisor: Piccato, Pablo
Dissertation title: The Age of “Technocrats”: The Argentinian Revolution, and the Opus Dei’s doctrine of development in Latin America’s Southern Cone, 1951-1978.

Dissertator: Kung, Chien Wen
Advisor: Armstrong, Charles
Dissertation title: An Alternative Asia: Nationalist China, the Filipino Chinese, and the Networks of Asian Anticommunism, 1946-1975.

Dissertator: Kuzuoglu, Ulug
Advisor: Zelin, Madeleine
Dissertation title: Engineering Minds: Psychology and Minority Script Reforms in China, 1910s-50s.

Dissertator: Lasdow, Kathryn
Advisor: Blackmar, Elizabeth
Dissertation title: Spirit of Improvement”: Construction, Conflict, and Community in Early-National Port Cities.

Dissertator: Marcus, David
Advisor: Blake, Casey
Dissertation title: “Fugitive Democracy: The Search for the Political in American Political Thought and Criticism.”

Dissertator: McElroy, Micah David
Advisor: Blackmar, Elizabeth
Dissertation title: “The Reinventions of Philanthropy in the San Franciso Bay Area, 1945 to the Present”

Dissertator: Neubauer, Jack
Advisor: Lean, Eugenia
Dissertation title: Adopted by the World: China and the Rise of Global Intimacy.

Dissertator: Newman Rachel
Advisor: Piccato, Pablo
Dissertation title: Mexican Students in the United States and the Making of Transnational Networks, 1900-1971.

Dissertator: Okan, Orcun
Advisor: Philliou, Christine
Dissertation title: Coping with Transitions: The Connected Construction of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, 1918-1928.

Dissertator: O’Neil, Sean
Advisor: Smith, Pamela
Dissertation title: Technicians of the Sign: The Practice of Semiotics in Early Modern Europe.

Dissertator: Provenzano, Luca
Advisor: Moyn
Dissertation title: “‘Under the Paving Stones’: Militant Protest and State Response in West Germany, France, and Northern Ireland, 1968-1985″

Dissertator: Resnikoff, Jason
Advisor: Blake, Casey
Dissertation title: Automatic America: Automation and the Meaning of Labor in the United States, 1945-75.

Dissertator: Rosenblithe, Bryan
Advisor: Brown, Christopher
Dissertation title: Where Tyranny Begins: British Imperial Expansion and the Origins of the American Revolution.

Dissertator: Rosenblum, Noah
Advisor: Moyn, Samuel
Dissertation title: The Tribe of the Eagle.

Dissertator: Sarwate, Rahul
Advisor: Rao, Anupama
Dissertation title: The Making of Maharashtra: An Intellectual and Cultural History, 1848-1960.

Dissertator: Serby, Benjamin
Advisor: Blake, Casey
Dissertation title: “The Politics of Gay Liberation: Ideology, Community and Personal Life, 1969-1975.

Dissertator: Swagler, Matthew
Advisor: Mann, Gregory
Dissertation title: African Youth Radicalism and the Global History of Revolt in 1968.

Dissertator: Tezcanli, Merve
Advisor: Philliou, Christine
Dissertation title: Subjecthood and Citizenship across Borders: Hadhramis Arabs and ‘Asiatic Ottomans’ of Dutch Indonesia.

Vendell, Dominic

Advisor: Dirks, Nicholas
Dissertation title: Insurgent Empires: Maratha Politics and the Origins of the British Conquest of India, 1755-1827.

Dissertator: Vuljevic, Suzana
Advisor: Mazower, Mark
Dissertation title: Cosmopolitanism, (Cultural) Diplomacy and Literature: The Curious Case of Union in the Post-Ottoman Balkans.

Dissertator: Yee, Ethan
Advisor: Senocak, Neslihan
Dissertation title: The Burden of Forgiveness: Franciscans’ Impact on Penitential Practices in the Thirteenth Century.

Dissertator: Zarate, Arthur
Advisor: Khalidi, Rashid
Dissertation title: Islamic Social Science: the theory and practice of Islamist activism in Egypt, 1945-1981.