The Graduate Program


Students begin research for the dissertation after they receive their M.Phil. degree, which is earned after successful completion of required course work, language exams, and an oral qualifying exam that covers three subjects in the student’s major field of study and one in their minor field. Students typically reach this stage during their third year of graduate study, although some do not complete these tasks until the fourth year.

More information may be found at the American Historical Association page for the department.

2023-24 Department of History Dissertations-in-Progress


Dissertator, Last nameDissertator, First NameDissertation TitleFieldCohort YearAdvisor (last, first name)
Agustin MendezJosiasUnited States2020Jacoby, Karl
AkcagunerYaseminCelestial Bodies: Astral Science, Medicine and the Lifecycle in the Ottoman Empire (1757-1839).Middle East 2018Sen, Tunc
AlmukhtarAmnahImagined Futures: Political and Social Thought in Iraq, 1906-1930.Middle East 2016Elshakry, Marwa
AssayagElyaEmbroidering Histories: Women’s day-to-day experience in French Colonial Morocco (1912-1956)Modern Europe 2019Saada, Emmanuelle
BanisDillonThe Roots of Modern Sugar: Sugar Beets, Globalization, and Geopolitics in Germany’s Transformation of Sugar Production and Consumption, c. 1870-1920.Modern Europe 2019Tooze, Adam
BilalutdinovAzatDiplomats for the Empire: Tsarist Consulates and the Russian-Ottoman Encounter in the Balkans 1856-1914.Modern Europe 2018Evtuhov, Catherine
BlatchfordBarrieAmerica’s Acclimatization Exchange: Animal Acclimatization, Settler-Colonialism, and the Transformation of American Nature, 1840-1975.United States2017Jacoby, Karl
BostockSaharGrounding Colonization: Ottoman, British, and Zionist Development in the Desert of Southern Palestine, 1830-1950.Middle East 2018Khalidi, Rashid and Elshakry, Marwa
BranscumElizabeth“That Sicknesse of Nine Months”: Health, Pregnancy, and Medical Advice Literature in Early Modern England (1500-1750)Early Modern2019Robcis, Camille and Smith, Pamela
BrownEvanOrganized Baseball: Reworking the Transnational Circuit, 1946-1965United States2019Guridy, Frank
BuckleyJamesPolitical Knowledge and Scholarly Time in Early Modern France.Early Modern Europe 2017Coleman, Charly
BurkeJuliaAbortion in 19th Century Britain Modern Europe 2020Pedersen, Susan
CastroShaktiAgenda of Survival: Puerto Ricans, Public Health, and the Politics of Harm Reduction, 1970-2000United States 2019Roberts, Samuel
ChattopadhyaySohiniThe unclaimed and the pauper corpse as an urban problem: Calcutta and Bombay City, 1896-c. 1960.South Asia 2016Rao, Anupama
CohenJessicaA Better Life for Us All: Citizen Perspectives on Family Planning in Ghana, 1957-1994.Africa 2019George, Abosede
ColpaLuzLooking for Love: Affect, Marriage and Immigration between France and Senegal, 1939-1980.Africa 2017Saada, Emmanuelle
CoonEllaControl Data: American Power and the Rise of the Global Assembly Line, 1962-1982.United States 2019Tooze, Adam
CorbanRobertBitter Harvest: The Weaponization of Agriculture in Mussolini’s New Order, 1925-1945.Modern Europe 2015de Grazia, Victoria
DeVaanJulianaScenes of Experimentation: A Cultural History of New York at the End of the 20th United States 2020Blake, Casey
DeVinneyJoslynNatural Knowledge and Connected Histories of Science: Mysore, France, and Britain in the Eighteenth Century.Internal and Global2016Ahmed, Manan
DublerRoslynSex, Social Policy, and the Welfare State in Britain and West Germany, 1975-1998Modern Europe 2016Pedersen, Susan
DwyerClaireMedieval Europe2020Kosto, Adam
EllenbogenYakovDisability in Ashkenazic Society, 1200-1500Jewish2018Carlebach, Elisheva and Kosto Adam
FaulknerAmandaInsiders and Outsiders: Individuals and Community in the Dutch World, 1609-1715Early Modern Europe 2018Smith, Pamela
FofanaIdrissThe Labor Questions: Law, Institutions, and the Regulation of Chinese and West African International Labor Migration, 1600-1900Internal and Global2014Zelin, Madeleine
FrithEricPolitical Economy in Mexico, 1760-1857.Latin America2008Piccato, Pablo
GioiaMichaelModern Europe 2019Coleman, Charly
GiovanopoulouAfroditiRecasting Global Law: Pragmatism in the History of the Postwar Order (1939-1957).Internal and Global2017Mazower, Mark
GoetzJenniferThe Fall and Rise of Soviet Photograph, 1945-63Modern Europe 2017Evtuhov, Catherine
GortonAliceHousehold Nation: Catholicism, Nationalism and the Family in Britain and the Empire, 1851-1936Modern Europe 2018Pedersen, Susan
GreeneVictoriaGendered Warfare in the Polis Landscape: The experiences of Women in the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BCE)Ancient2019Ma, John
GreenlandSallyEast Asia2020Hymes, Robert
Guadarrama DominguezLuisTransportation, Real Estate, and the Politics of Urban Development in Mexico City, 1860-1980Latin America2017Piccato, Pablo
HardinAmandaWhose Wilderness? Racial Access and Activism in the American OutdoorsUnited States 2018Jacoby, Karl
HawkEmilyAmerican Concert Dance at Midcentury: Processes and Products of Embodied Thought, 1964-1976United States 2017Blake, Casey
Houwink ten CateLotteThe Darker Side of Intimacy: Familial Violence in Western Europe, 1970-1997.Modern Europe 2015Mazower, Mark
HynesMaireadActivist Histories of Women's War Mobilization in Twentieth-Century Japan and the Untied StatesEast Asia 2019Pflugelder, Gregory
KatzMarianaThe Labor of the State: The Politics of Unfree Work in Nineteenth-Century ParaguayLatin America 2018Milanich, Nara
KhalifaNadaAfter the Fact: Social Investigation Literature, Constitutionalism and the Politics of Evidence in Egypt and Bilad al-Sham, 1908-1923.Middle East 2016Khalidi, Rashid
KoNancyAbsorbent Empire: Oceanscapes of Finance Capitalism in the Global Mediterranean, 1840-1949Middle East 2019Elshakry, Marwa and Khalidi, Rashid
LeAdrienneThe Vietnamese Buddhist Anti-War Movement, 1960-75.International and Global2018Nguyen, Lien-Hang
LebovichAndrewThe Search for the Straight Path: Islamic Reform and Regional Change in Algeria, Senegal, and Mali in the Twentieth Century.Africa 2013Mann, Gregory
LeesLyntonDemocracy's Children: Education, Citizenship, and the Totalitarian Challenge to Britain and Its Empire, 1933-50Modern Europe 2017Pedersen, Susan
LererDavidManaging and Mobilizing the Public Financial Sector in Western Europe, 1881-1945.Modern Europe 2016Tooze, Adam
LissCaitlinMaking Creoles: Childhood and Child-rearing in New Spain, 1521-1810Latin America 2019Pizzigoni, Caterina
MalcolmRochelleModern Europe 2020Pedersen, Susan
Mantilla SuarezRosaLatin America 2021Piccato, Pablo
MarantzidouCharisMaking Russians Abroad: Education, Humanitarianism, and the Politics of Anti-Bolshevism,1920-1948Modern Europe 2019Evtuhov, Catherine and Mazower, Mark
MasoodKaminiSouth Asia 2021Ahmed, Manan
McIntoshWhitneyAnti-State, Anti-War, and Anti-Politics: Modern Libertarian Intellectual Culture, 1965-2000.United States 2018Blake, Casey
NadelJamesJewish Speculation: Russian Jews and Financial Investment in Late Imperial Russia, 1870-1917.Modern Europe 2018Stanislawski, Michael and Evtuhov Catherine
NiuSamuelUnited States 2020McCurry, Stephanie
OgletreeMadisonA Peculiar Freedom: Law, Free People of Color, and the Making of the Old South 1760-1860 United States 2019McCurry, Stephanie
OhSeokjuUneven Development and the 'American Century,' 1921-1960 United States 2020Stephanson, Anders
OsipovaZinaidaSoviet Nitrogen: An International History of Dzerzhinsk's Chemical Industry Modern Europe 2020Evtuhov, Catherine
PanJayThe Political Economy of Mexican Developmentalism: State, Businesses, and Labor, 1946-1982Latin America 2019Piccato, Pablo
PartygaKarolinaWhat’s Enough? Material Waste and Industrial States in Central Europe, 1949-90International and Global2019Mazurek, Malgorzata and Mazower, Mark
PlowrightIsobelLabor, Land, and the State: The First International in America, 1864-1876United States 2017McCurry, Stephanie
QuijanoCarolynSpectacle, Disorder, and the Foreigner in the Medieval Italian City-States, 1200-1475Medieval 2016Senocak, Neslihan
RaineBarnabyLost Horizon: Visions of Ending Capitalism and Britain’s Twentieth Century.Modern Europe 2016Tooze, Adam
RamosLucas ReneA Far More Severe Law: Italian Queer Activists and the Catholic Nation in an Age of Western Sexual Revolution (1958-2000)Modern Europe 2019De Grazia, Victoria
Randal KleiserGrantAn Empire of Free Ports: Trade, Reform, and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1750-1781.International and Global2017Brown, Christopher
RivadeneiraStephanieA Journal towards the Sacred: Nahua Pilgrimages in Colonial New SpainLatin America 2017Pizzigoni, Caterina
RobinMarieManaging Sex Overseas in the French Army: Bordel Militaire de Campagne (Mobile Field Brotherls), Sexual Violence and Decolonization in Vietnam and Algeria (c. 1940 - 1960s) Modern Europe 2020Nguyen, Lien-Hang and Saada, Emmanuelle
RyukSoheeWeaving 'Oriental Carpets' into the Soviet Union: Handicraft and Folk Art at Intersections of Nations, Commodity, and Labor, 1928-82Modern Europe 2017Evtuhov, Catherine
SadleirWilliamPortrait of a Magistrate Court: Legal Culture in the Georgian Countryside.Modern Europe 2019Evtuhov, Catherine
SanterJaninaMiddle East 2021Elshakry, Marwa
SbitanJamilIntimate Crises: Prostitution, Sexual Science, and Queer History in Egypt, 1834-2001.Middle East 2018Khalidi, Rashid
ShahRohanA world to Win: Contested Visions of Globalization During the 1970s US Economic Crisis.International and Global2017Stephanson, Anders
SharpLucyA history of au-pairs in twentieth-century Britain Modern Europe 2019Pedersen, Susan
ShepardNikitaA History of Public Bathrooms in the United States.United States 2018Chauncey, George
SifarIfadhaInternational and Global History2021Ahmed, Manan
SolisGabrielOf Maquilas and Miracles: Taiwan, the U.S. – Mexico Border and the Making of the Global Factory.International and Global History2018Guridy, Frank
SpoonerAmeliaFormally Free: Regulating Labor After Slavery in the French Empire, 1848–1914Modern Europe 2017Saada, Emmanuelle
StadlerLeliaNavigating Divorce Across the Rio de la Plata: Jews Family and the Rise of the Argentine Immigration Nation (1888-1968) Jewish and Latin America 2019Kobrin, Rebecca and Piccato, Pablo
SteinmanCharlesMedieval Europe 2020Kosto, Adam
SundarAnushaSouth Asia 2021Sivaramakrishnan, Kavita
TomassonJuliaProof, Certainty, and the Authority of Mathematics across Europe and the Islamicate World (1400-1700 CE) Early Modern2019Jones, Matt
UllmanReutThe Battle for the Soul of Russia: the culture of science and the politics of theology in Enlightened RussiaEarly Modern and Imperial Russia/History of Science 2017Smith, Pamela and Evtuhov, Catherine
VillegasJordanThe View From Chapultepec: Texas Mexican Girlhood and Pocha Poltics 1928-1946United States 2020Jacoby, Karl
WangDanpingThe Chinese War on Cancer: Cancer Research, Prevention and Treatment, 1950s-1990s.East Asia 2017Lean, Eugenia
WilkinsonConorA Social History of Plant and Insect Use in Africa's Great Lakes Region: From Early Times to the Nineteenth CenturyAfrica 2017Stephens, Rhiannon
YanLauraPort Lives: Migrant Workers and the Makings of Singapore and Dubai, 1938-1979International and Global2015Nguyen, Lien-Hang and Ahmed, Manan