The Undergraduate Program

Transfer Courses 

To have courses outside of Columbia University evaluated and approved as eligible towards the major or concentration, students must first complete the courses, then bring the following documents to the Undergraduate Administrator or email the documents to ( for review. The maximum number of department approved transfer courses that can be applied to a Plan of Study is 3 for majors and 2 for concentrators/minors and that transfer courses are still subject to Plan of Study approval by an Undergraduate Education Committee (UNDED) advisor.

  • The maximum courses that can be applied to Specialization Courses on a Plan of Study is 2 (majors) and 1 (concentrators/minors)
  • European courses must be at least 6 ECTS credits
  • Content of courses should be of historical context and be taught by a historian

All transfer courses MUST be first receive approval from Columbia College or General Studies. Credits that do not receive CC or GS approval will not be reviewed by the department.

Please Note: The maximum number of courses that can be submitted to the department for review is 5.

  • A copy of your transcript from the other institution, listing the grades received with requested courses highlighted.
  • Syllabi from the courses to be evaluated.
  • Current Plan of Study Form. (does not have to be UNDED approved)
  • A completed Transfer Credit Form
  • An official Columbia PDF transcript is only required for students that have not officially declared History as their major or concentration. This can be acquired thorough SSOL.
  • Available coursework from the courses, such as papers or exams (for courses outside the United States)