Following are some recent books published by our full-time faculty:


Rhiannon StephensPoverty and Wealth in East Africa: A Conceptual History. 2022: Duke University Press.


Hannah FarberUnderwriters of the United States: How Insurance Shaped the American Founding. 2021: University of North Carolina Press.

Mae Ngai. The Chinese Question: The Gold Rushes and Global Politics. 2021: W.W. Norton & Company.

Frank Andre GuridyThe Sports Revolution: How Texas Changed the Culture of American Athletics. 2021: University of Texas Press.

Charly Coleman. The Spirit of French Capitalism: Economic Theology in the Age of Enlightenment2021: Stanford University Press.

Caterina Pizzigoni & Camilla TownsendIndigenous Life After the Conquest: The De la Cruz Family Papers of Colonial Mexico. 2021: Penn State University Press.


Manan Ahmed Asif. The Loss of Hindustan: The Invention of India2020: Harvard University Press.

Victoria de Grazia. The Perfect Fascist: A Story of Love, Power, and Morality in Mussolini’s Italy. 2020: Harvard University Press.

Eugenia Lean. Vernacular Industrialism in China: Local Innovation and Translated Technologies in the Making of a Cosmetics Empire, 1900-1940. 2020: Columbia University Press.

Carl Wennerlind. A Philosopher’s Economist. 2020: The University of Chicago Press.

Rashid KhalidiThe Hundred Years’ War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonial Conquest and Resistance, 1917-2017. 2020: Metropolitan Books.

Casey Blake, Daniel Borus and Howard Brick. At the Center: American Thought and Culture in the Mid-Twentieth Century. 2020: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.


Elisheva Carlebach, editor. Confronting Modernity 1750-1880, Posen Library of Jewish Civilization, Volume 6. 2019: Yale University Press.

Eric Foner. The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution. 2019: W.W. Norton.

Carol Gluck. Senso No Kioku (War Memory.) 2019. Amazon Link.

Simon SchamaWordy. 2019: Simon & Schuster UK.

Stephanie McCurry. Women’s War: Fighting and Surviving the American Civil War. 2019: Harvard University Press.

Pamela Smith, editor. Entangled Itineraries: Materials, Practices, and Knowledges across Eurasia. 2019: University of Pittsburgh Press.

Martha Howell, co-editor (with Peter Arnade and Anton van der Lem). Rereading Huizinga: Autumn of the Middle Ages, a Century Later. 2019: Amsterdam University Press.


Adam Tooze. Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crises Changed the World. 2018: Penguin Random House.

Bonnie G. Smith, Marc Van De Mieroop, Richard von Glahn, and Kris Lane. World in the Making: A Global History. 2 vols. 2018: Oxford University Press.

Bonnie G. Smith, Marc Van De Mieroop, Richard von Glahn, and Kris Lane. Sources for World in the Making. 2 vols. 2018: Oxford University Press.

Paul Thomas Chamberlin. The Cold War’s Killing Fields: Rethinking the Long Peace. 2018: HarperCollins.

David A. Barteman, Ira Katznelson, and John S. Lapinski. Southern Nation: Congress and White Supremacy After Reconstruction. 2018: Princeton University Press.


Pamela Smith, Amy R. W. Meyers, and Harold J. Cook. Ways of Making and Knowing: The Material Culture of Empirical Knowledge. New paperback edition, 2017: Bard Graduate Center.

Mark Mazower. What You Did Not Tell. A Russian Past and the Journey Home. 2017: Open Press.

Pablo Piccato. A History of Infamy: Crime, Truth, and Justice in Mexico. 2017: University of California Press.

Eric Foner. Battles for Freedom: The Use and Abuse of American History. 2017: I.B. Tauris.

Marc Van De Mieroop. O istorie a Orientului Apropiat in Antichitate (cca 3000-323 i.Hr.). 2017: Polirom.

Marc Van De Mieroop. Philosophy Before the Greeks. 2017: Princeton University Press, paperback.



Gergely Baics. Feeding Gotham: The Political Economy and Geography of Food in New York, 1790-1860. 2016: Princeton University Press.

Pamela Smith. The Business of Alchemy: Science and Culture in the Holy Roman Empire. New paperback edition with new foreword, 2016: Princeton University Press.

Matthew L. Jones. Reckoning with Matter: Calculating Machines, Innovation, and Thinking About Thinking From Pascal to Babbage. 2016: University of Chicago Press.

Michael Stanislawski. Zionism: A Very Short Introduction. 2016: Oxford University Press.

Rhiannon Stephens and Axel Fleisch. Doing Conceptual History in Africa. 2016: Berghan Books.

Manan Ahmed. A Book of Conquest: The Chachnama and Muslim Origins in South Asia. 2016: Harvard University Press.

Karl Jacoby. The Strange Career of William Ellis. The Texas Slave Who Became a Mexican Millionaire. 2016: WW Norton.



Rebecca Kobrin. Purchasing Power. The Economics of Modern Jewish History. 2015: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Natasha Lightfoot. Troubling Freedom:Antigua and the Aftermath of British Emancipation. 2015: Duke University Press.

Adam Tooze. The Deluge: The Great War, America and the Remaking of the Global Order, 1916-1931. 2015: Penguin Random House.

Marc Van De Mieroop. A History of the Ancient Near East, ca. 3000-323 BC, 3rd Edition. 2015: Wiley.

Marc Van De Mieroop. Philosophy Before the Greeks. 2015: Princeton University Press.

John Coatsworth, Juan Cole, Michael Hanagan, Peter Perdue, Louise Tilly, and Charles Tilly. Global Connections: Politics, Exchange, and Social Life in World History. 2015: 2 Vols., Cambridge University Press.

Susan Pedersen. The Guardians: The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire. 2015: Oxford University Press.

Madeleine Zelin and Li Chen. Chinese Law: Knowledge, Practice and Transformation, 1530s to 1950s. 2015: Brill.

Eric Foner. Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad. 2015: W.W. Norton.

Gregory Mann. From Empires to NGOs in the West African Sahel: The Road to Nongovernmentality. 2015: Cambridge University Press. 

Pablo Piccato. La tiranía de la opinión: El honor en la construcción de la esfera pública en México. Translation by Lucía Rayas. Zamora: El Colegio de Michoacán-Instituto Mora, 2015.



Rebecca Kobrin. Żydowski Białystok I Jego Diaspora. 2014: Borderland Publishers.

Pamela Smith, Christy Anderson, Anne Dunlop. The Matter of Art: Materials, Practice, Cultural Logics, c. 1250-1750. 2014: Manchester University Press.

Charles Armstrong. The Koreas: 2nd Edition. 2014: Routledge.

Madeleine Zelin and Yu-ju Lin. Merchant Communities in Asia, 1600-1090. 2014: Pickering & Chatto Publishers.

Mark C. Carnes. Minds On Fire: How Role-Immersion Games Transform College. 2014: Harvard University Press.

Pamela Smith, Amy R.W. Meyers, and Harold Cook. Ways of Making and Knowing: The Material Culture of Empirical Knowledge. 2014: University of Michigan Press.

Charly Coleman. The Virtues of Abandon: An Anti-Individualist History of the French Enlightenment. 2014: Stanford University Press.

Ira Katznelson and Miri Rubin. Religious Conversion: History, Experience and Meaning. 2014: Ashgate.

Joel Kaye. A History of Balance, 1250-1375: The Emergence of a New Model of Equilibrium and Its Impact on Thought. 2014: Cambridge University Press.

Volker Berghahn. American Big Business in Britain and Germany: A Comparative History of Two “Special Relationships” in the 20th Century. 2014: Princeton University Press.

Seth Schwartz. The Ancient Jews from Alexander to Muhammad. 2014: Cambridge University Press.



Anupama Rao and Saurabh Dube. Crime Through Time. 2013: Oxford University Press.

Gray Tuttle with Kurtis R. Schaeffer. The Tibetan History Reader. 2013: Columbia University Press.

Gray Tuttle with Kurtis R. Schaeffer, Matthew T. Kapstein. Sources of Tibetan Tradition. 2013: Columbia University Press.

Volker Berghahn. Umbau im Wiederaufbau: Amerika und die deutsche Industrie im 20. Jahrhundert. 2013: Wallstein Verlag.

Nara Milanich with Elizabeth Quay Hutchison, Thomas Miller Klubock, Peter Winn. The Chile Reader: History, Culture, Politics. 2013: Duke University Press.

Rashid Khalidi. Under Siege: PLO Decisionmaking During the 1982 War. 2013: Columbia University Press.

Casey Blake, Marilyn Kushner, and Kimberly Orcutt. The Armory Show at 100: Modernism and Revolution. 2013: GILES.

Marwa Elshakry. Reading Darwin in Arabic, 1860-1950. 2013: The University of Chicago Press.

Carl Wennerlind and Philip J. Stern. Mercantilism Reimagined: Political Economy in Early Modern Britain and Its Empire. 2013: Oxford University Press.

Rhiannon Stephens. A History of African Motherhood: The Case of Uganda, 700-1900. 2013: Cambridge University Press.

Charles K. Armstrong. Tyranny of the Weak: North Korea and the World, 1950-1992. 2013: Cornell University Press.

Ira Katznelson. Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time. 2013: W.W.Norton.

Martha Howell and Marc Boone. The Power of Space in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe: The Cities of Italy, Northern France and the Low Countries. 2013: Brepols Publishers.

Madeleine Zelin and Billy K.L. So. New Narratives of Urban Space in Republican Chinese Cities.2013: BRILL.

David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz. Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America’s Children. 2013: University of California Press.

William Leach. Butterfly People: An American Encounter with the Beauty of the World. 2013: Pantheon.

Marco Maiuro. Res Caesaris. 2013: Edipuglia srl.

Rashid Khalidi. Brokers of Deceit. 2013: Beacon Press.

Deborah R. CoenThe Earthquake Observers. 2013: University of Chicago Press

Hilary Hallett. Go West, Young Woman!: The Rise of Early Hollywood. 2013: University of California Press.



Stephanie McCurry. Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South. 2012: Harvard University Press.

Adam Kosto. Documentary Culture and the Laity in the Early Middle Ages. 2012: Cambridge University Press.

Caterina Pizzigoni. The Life Within: Local Indigenous Society in Mexico’s Toluca Valley, 1650-1800.2012: Stanford University Press.

Barbara J. Fields and Karen E. Fields. Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life. 2012: Verso.

Marwa Elshakry and Sujit Sivasundaram, Victorian Science and Literature: Science, Race and Imperialism. Volume 6. 2012: Pickering & Chatto. 2012: Pickering & Chatto Ltd.

Partha Chatterjee and Ira Katznelson. Anxieties of Democracy: Tocquevillean Reflections on India and the United States. 2012: Oxford University Press.

Mark Mazower. Governing the World: The History of an Idea. 2012: Penguin Group.

Elizabeth D. Esch with David R. Roediger. The Production of Difference: Race and Management of Labor in U.S. History. 2012: Oxford University Press.

Rebecca Kobrin. Chosen Capital. 2012: Rutgers University Press.

Adam Kosto. Hostages in the Middle Ages. 2012: Oxford University Press.

Hollis Lynch. K.O. Mbadiwe: A Nigerian Political Biography, 1915-1990 2012: Palgrave Macmillan.

Neslihan Senocak. The Poor and the Perfect: The Rise of Learning in the Franciscan Order, 1209-1310. 2012: Cornell UP.

Alan Brinkley. John F. Kennedy: The American Presidents Series: The 35th President, 1961-1963.2012: Times Books.

Evan Haefeli. New Netherland and the Dutch Origins of American Religious Liberty. 2012: U of Pennsylvania Press.

Richard R. John. The American Postal Network, 1792-1914. 2012: Pickering & Chatto.

Alice Kessler-Harris. A Difficult Woman: The Challenging Life and Times of Lillian Hellman. 2012: Bloomsbury Press.

Marc Van De Mieroop. Crossroads and Cultures: A History of the World’s Peoples. 2012: Bedford St. Martin’s.

Isser Woloch. Eighteenth-Century Europe: Tradition and Progress, 1715-1789. 2nd Ed. 2012:W.W. Norton.



Robert Somerville. Pope Urban II’s Council of Piacenza. 2011: Oxford University Press.

Elazar Barkan. No Return, No Refuge: Rites and Rights in Minority Repatriation. 2011: Columbia.

Caroline W. Bynum. Christian Materiality: An Essay oon Late Medieval Religion. 2011: Zone.

Richard Bulliet. The One-Donkey Solution. 2011:

Elisheva Carlebach. Palaces of Time: Jewish Calendar and Culture in Early Modern Europe. 2011: Belknap Press.

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Deborah Valenze. Milk: A Local and Global History. 2011: Yale.

Marc Van De Mieroop. A History of Ancient Egypt. 2011: Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford.

David F. Weiman. Economic Evolution and Revolution in Historical Time. 2011: Stanford Economics and Finance.

Carl Wennerlind. Casualties of Credit: The English Financial Revolution, 1620-1720. 2011: Harvard.



Kenneth Jackson. The Encyclopedia of New York City. 2010: Yale University Press.

Rebecca Kobrin. Jewish Bialystok and Its Diaspora. 2010: Indiana University Press.

Richard R. John. Network Nation. 2010: Harvard University Press.

Volker Berghahn. Industriegesellschaft und Kulturtransfer, Goettingen.

Euan Cameron. Enchanted Europe, Superstition, Reason, and Religion, 1250-1750. 2010: Oxford.

Eric Foner. The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. 2010: Norton.

Martha Howell. Commerce Before Capitalism in Europe, 1300-1600. 2010: Cambridge UP.

Jose Moya. The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History. 2010: Oxford.

Mae Ngai. The Lucky Ones. 2010: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Christine Philliou. Biography of an Empire: Governing Ottomans in an Age of Revolution. 2010: UCalifornia.

Pablo Piccato. The Tyranny of Opinion: Honor in the Construction of the Mexican Public Sphere. 2010: Duke UP.



Mark Mazower. No Enchanted Palace: The end of Empire and the Ideological Origins of the United Nations. 2009: Princeton University Press.

Richard Billows. Julius Caesar: the Colossus of Rome. 2009: Routledge.

Carol Gluck. Words in Motion: Toward a Global Lexicon. 2009: Duke.

Rashid Khalidi. Sowing Crisis: The Cold War and American Dominance in the Middle East. 2009: Beacon.

Nara Milanich. Children of Fate: Childhood, Class, and the State in Chile, 1850-1930. 2009: Duke.

Pablo Piccato. True Stories of Crime in Modern Mexico. 2009: UNew Mexico.

Anupama Rao. The Caste Question: Dalits and the Politics of Modern India. 2009: UCalifornia.

Samuel Roberts. Infectious Fear: Politics, Disease, and the Health Effects of Segregation. 2009: UNorth Carolina.