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Columbia History Association &
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Columbia History Association 
The Columbia Historical Association (CHA) is an undergraduate student organization comprised of all history majors, concentrators, and those otherwise interested in being more involved with history on campus. CHA is always looking to expand its community of passionate history students and encourages its members to be active through attendance and participation at history-related events such as study halls, professor lunches, trivia nights, and speaker sessions. Additionally, CHA seeks to support history students through its mentorship opportunities with history upperclassmen, alumni, and graduate students on topics related to career advice, favorite courses, and thesis preparation. If you enjoy history and want to hear about or get involved in planning our upcoming events and opportunities, subscribe to our listserv here and like our page on Facebook here.

Undergraduate History Council 
The Undergraduate History Council (UHC) was founded in 2005 as a group of undergraduate representatives for history majors and concentrators.  Since then, UHC’s primary two functions are to organize history-related events throughout the academic year to foster a greater sense of community amongst undergraduate history students, as well as serve as a liaison for students to the Undergraduate Education Committee (UNDED).    UHC’s Board is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and two Coordinators, who oversee CHA programming and directly speak to UNDED, and the two Editors-in-Chief of the Columbia Journal of History (CJH). 


UHC Board Members

Chair: Francesca Barasch, CC’22 (
Vice Chair: Mrinalini Sisodia Wadhwa, CC’24 (
Treasurer: Zoe Davidson, CC’24 (
Barnard Coordinator: Rebecca Soforenko, BC’23 (
General Studies Coordinator: Claudia Wolff, GS’22 (
Editor-in-Chief for CJH: Bilal Choudhry, CC’22 ( and Kuangye Wang, CC’23 (

How to Join

Columbia History Association (CHA)
CHA is the large umbrella organization that all history majors and concentrators are automatically inducted into upon declaring their choice of study.  All other students can fill out the form listed below to join CHA, open to undergraduates at Columbia College, General Studies, and Barnard College (no interview needed — you are automatically admitted upon filling out the form!).  Being part of CHA grants you a chance to:

  • Participate in history-related events and opportunities at Columbia and in the New York City area by joining our listserv;
  • Pitch, plan, and execute CHA events, with Board oversight;
  • Apply to become a part of CJH and the UHC Board;
  • Join the Columbia history community, meeting other undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni!

Interested in joining the CHA? Go here!

Columbia Journal of History (CJH)
The CJH publishes two formal journals featuring diverse articles during the course of the academic year.  The group is composed of editors and 2 Editors-in-Chief.  Among dozens of submissions from history students worldwide, the CJH selects several pieces to publish through a careful and stringent review process. Editors will gain experience in writing, editing, and formatting a proper Journal article, vital skills such as archival fact-checking and citation, and the chance to work closely with top student authors.

This sub-organization has a SEPARATE application and process to join.

The Journal is now accepting student applications for the Editorial Board. All information regarding editorial positions is present on the application form here.

Please reach out to Kuangye Wang ( or Bilal Choudhry ( with any questions.

Read more about CJH on Applications close Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 11:59pm.

Undergraduate History Council (UHC)
UHC has leadership oversight over all members of CHA and CJH and acts as a liaison between the undergraduate student body and UNDED. As such, the UHC Board provides updates on the internal happenings of CHA and CJH and an overview of upcoming events, and has a role in long-term plans and the direction of the organization. UHC is comprised of:

  • The Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Barnard and General Studies Coordinators of CHA, selected annually in March/April of the Spring Semester through an application and interview process;
  • The two Editors-in-Chief of CJH, selected annually in Spring of 2022 through an application process, Managing editors will be selected annually in the Fall of each Year from members of the Journal;

Students interested in UHC Board positions should be actively involved within their respective sub-organization (CHA or CJH), showing dedication through regular attendance, participation, and contributions to the sub-organization’s work. Please reach out to the current UHC Board, whose contact information is provided above, with any questions.

News and Events

  • Welcome to the incoming Class of 2025, and to new transfer and dual-degree students! We are excited to get to know you and create programming to enhance your first year as a Columbia student.
  • Welcome back to all returning history students! As we come back to campus after a year and a half of disruption, we welcome you to join the Columbia history community and get involved in history-related events.
  • We are planning to open the fall 2021 semester with a combination of small, outdoor in-person gatherings and virtual programming, including a panel discussion on the history of Title IX, faculty book talks, and course registration advice!
  • Applications for the Editorial Board of the Journal close Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 11:59PM. Apply here.

How to Contact

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