The Undergraduate Program

The History Major & Concentration 

History students at Columbia College or the School of General Studies can either choose a major or concentration.

Once students declare History as their program of study they will be added to the History Department listserv to receive information including events, course listings, departmental updates, grants, scholarships, internship opportunities, and more.

All History students MUST submit a Plan of Study (POS) approved by an Undergraduate Education Committee (UNDED) advisor in order to graduate. On their POS, students choose their specialization, create their History course plan, and ensure that they are meeting the requirements of their program. Students must meet with a member of UNDED to review these forms, then file their signed Plan of Study forms with the Undergraduate Administrator. This form needs to be submitted twice, once in the spring of junior year and once during the fall of senior year.

Below is a summary of requirements for the major and concentration:

Courses in History 9 courses (total) 6 courses (total)
Specialization 4 courses 3 courses
Breadth Requirement 3 courses outside specialization: 1 removed in time and 2 removed in space 2 courses outside specialization: 1 removed in time and 1 removed in space
Seminar Requirement 2 seminars, at least 1 in specialization None

Plan of Study Deadlines

December 1, 2023

March 1, 2024
Juniors, Seniors with amended POS forms

These forms, which are required for graduation certification, must be signed by a member of the Undergraduate Education Committee (UNDED) and returned to the Undergraduate Administrator in 413 Fayerweather Hall*.

Failing to submit an UNDED approved POS can delay or prevent graduation!

*Please note: Currently we are accepting approved Plans of Study both in-person at the History Office (413 FAY) and via email.  Only PDFs are accepted via email and must have UNDED approver’s signature.