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Paul Chamberlin. The Cold War’s Killing Fields. 2018: HarperCollins.

Pablo Piccato. A History of Infamy: Crime, Truth, and Justice in Mexico. 2017: University of California Press.

Marc Van De Mieroop. Philosophy Before the Greeks. 2017: Princeton University Press, paperback.

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Emily Jones wrote for Financial Times: “In Pursuit of Civility by Keith Thomas — a class act.”


Mae Ngai was quoted in TIME: “Family Separation Is Being Compared to Japanese Internment. It Took Decades for the U.S. to Admit That Policy Was Wrong.”


Charles Armstrong was interviewed on CNBC about North Korea disarmament.


Charles Armstrong was quoted in The New York Times: “Trump Saluted a North Korean General, Setting Off a Debate.”


Mae Ngai was quoted in “Flipping Our Script about Undocumented Immigration” for Schooltalking, a resource for educators.


Charles Armstrong was featured in Columbia News: “5 Questions with Korea Expert Charles Armstrong on the Trump-Kim Summit.”


Mae Ngai was interviewed on Reveal podcast about immigration.