The Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Seminars 

Seminars explore focused topics through concentrated reading in secondary literature, primary-source research, or both. The workload for seminars is generally heavier than for lectures, with more reading and more written work. Seminars normally do not have a final examination, but often require a substantial paper. History seminars are numbered at the 3000 or 4000 level.


How to join a History Seminar:

Some seminars are open to all, while some require permission from the instructor.  All seminars that require instructor permission will include a note in the History Department’s Directory of Classes that states: PERMISSION REQUIRED: EMAIL INSTRUCTOR.  Students must first register for the seminar, then email the instructor.  If selected, the instructor will move the student from the waitlist into the course. 

The professor may also request the additional application, which can be found here:

History Department Additional Seminar Application (only send if requested by instructor)


Students who intend to write a senior thesis are strongly encouraged to enroll in a seminar for which they will write a substantial research paper during their junior year. Students should confirm with the seminar instructor that they will be asked to write a research paper. Please see the Undergraduate Handbook for more information on seminars and thesis requirements.