Torres, Juliana

Field: United States; Advisor: Guridy; Year 2022

Juliana Torres (she/her) is a PhD student of American history. She is interested broadly in the intellectual history of the United States and the history of internationalism. She researches the impact of non-Americans on the discourse around major themes in American intellectual life and how international movements that arose during the interwar years shaped ideas of freedom, race, and citizenship. Torres holds an AA degree from Santa Monica College (2020) and a BA in History from the University of California, Berkeley (2022), where she researched the socialist magazine The Messenger (1917-1925) and their use of the rising status of science to develop and communicate anti-racist ideas. Before coming to Columbia, she worked as an archival researcher for documentaries. 

Juliana Torres is the History Department's representative within the Arts and Science Graduate Council (ASGC), as well as a member of the Council's Quality of Life Committee.