Tomasson, Julia

Field: Early Modern; Advisor: Matthew Jones; Year: 2019

Julia C. Tomasson studies the history of science, philosophy, mathematics, and technology, focused on early modern Europe.

All of Tomasson’s research interests are united by a commitment to understanding how ideas and ideals of reason and rationality vary over time and across cultures. Tomasson’s work explores the changing epistemic categories and cognitive practices of disparate agents in early modernity, particularly the ways in which the intimate relationship between knower and object were transformed by the many technical, social, and larger epistemological changes in the premodern period. More broadly, she wants to understand how scientific ideals shape the working practices of scientists and how scientific and technological advancements have changed (and continue to change) how we think of ourselves.


Tomasson holds a A.B. from the Program in History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine (HiPSS) at the University of Chicago. Her graduate work at Columbia University has been supported by numerous fellowships, including a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.