Stadler, Lelia

Field: Jewish and Latin America; Advisor: Kobrin and Piccato; Year: 2019

Lelia Stadler is a Ph.D. student in history at Columbia University, where she focuses on modern Jewish and Latin American history. Her dissertation is a social history of Jewish immigration to the transregional space of South America. It focuses on Jewish immigrants’ encounters with the state and asks how competing legal systems and legal norms in the countries of the region impacted the way Jews experienced family, marriage, and divorce.

Lelia completed a BA and MA in ‎Latin American history at Tel Aviv University (summa cum laude). Her recent publication, “In Search of ‎Wandering Husbands: Jewish Migration, Desertion, and Divorce between Poland and ‎Argentina, 1919–1939,” appeared in Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Latin America (Brill, 2020). Her new article, “What was Jewish-Argentine Bigamy? Between the Argentine State and Ethnic Community, 1930-1939”, is forthcoming. Her research projects were presented at more than ten conferences and workshops on both sides of the Atlantic.

At Columbia, Lelia founded and coordinated the Yiddish MMS Translation Workshop. She also serves as the coordinator of the Columbia Latin American History Workshop. Her teaching at Columbia included modern Latin American and Ottoman History.