Resnikoff, Jason



Ph.D. – Columbia University, 2019
B.A. – Columbia University, summa cum laude, History, 2008

Interests and Research

Jason Resnikoff, Core Lecturer, specializes in US labor history, intellectual history, and the history of technology. His forthcoming book, Labor’s End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work, explores the ideological origins of automation in the US in the middle of the twentieth century. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in LaborInternational Labor and Working-Class HistoryTropics of MetaWestern Humanities Review, Paris Review, and the Encyclopedia of American Recessions and Depressions. He is also affiliated with Columbia University’s American Studies Department where he advises undergraduate senior theses, as well as Columbia’s Justice in Education initiative through which he has taught incarcerated students. He was formerly an organizer for the United Auto Workers.



Contemporary Civilization I
Contemporary Civilization II



Departmental Distinction, Awarded to Outstanding Dissertations in History, Columbia University, 2019

Core Preceptor Award for Teaching Excellence, Contemporary Civilization, 2017-2018

Core Preceptor Award for Teaching Excellence, Contemporary Civilization, 2016-2017

Chandler Travel Grant, Business History Initiative, Harvard Business School, 2016

Hagley Exploratory Grant, Hagley Museum and Library, 2016

The Brebner Travel Award, Columbia University, 2015

The Richard Hofstadter Fellowship, Columbia University, 2011-2016



 Labor's End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work (University of Illinois Press, Working Class in American History.

“The Paradox of Automation: QWERTY and the Neuter Keyboard” Labor (forthcoming).

“The Problem with Postwork: Work and the Work Ethic as Units of Historical Analysis,” International Labor and Working Class History, Volume 94, Fall 2018.

“The Bad Ivy: Columbia and the Long Struggle for Graduate Student Employee Rights,” Tropics of Meta, May 5, 2018

“HAL, Mother, and Father,” The Paris Review, January 9, 2015, listed in Paris Review’s Best-of-2015

Contributor to, Encyclopedia of American Recessions and Depressions (2 volumes), ed. Daniel Leab, (ABC-CLIO, 2014).

“Hunting the Whale,” The Paris Review, September 25, 2013

“Thomas Crown’s Global Vision,” The Paris Review, July 1, 2013

“The Thin End of the Wedge: Faculty House, Columbia University, and the Future of Higher Education in the United States of America” Tropics of Meta, March 25, 2013

“The Indescribable Frankenstein,” The Paris Review, March 5, 2013