Ramgopal, Sailakshmi

Assistant Professor

Office Hours

Spring 2024: Wednesdays, 12:00 - 2:00 pm (please click here to make an appointment)



Ph.D. – University of Chicago, 2016
B.A. – Northwestern University, 2006


Interests and Research

Professor Sailakshmi Ramgopal is a Roman historian whose work explores mobilities and identities in the Roman world. Romans Abroad: Citizenship, Place, and Empire, her current book project, identifies the particular logics and changing modalities by which associations of Roman traders interacted with non-Romans outside the Italian peninsula, and traces the long-term, recursive effects of those dynamic interactions on the sociopolitical structures and cultural frameworks of the Roman empire. Other interests include the comparative study of diasporas, resistance, and the reception of classics in colonial and postcolonial India and North Africa. Professor Ramgopal was a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome (2014).



  • HIST 1020: The Romans and their World
  • HIST 3023: Mobility and Identity in the Roman World 


Awards, Grants, Fellowships

  • 2018    Loeb Faculty Research Grant, Department of the Classics, Harvard University
  • 2014    Emeline Hill Richardson Rome Prize, American Academy in Rome
  • 2014    Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, American Research Center in Sofia (declined)
  • 2013    Whiting Dissertation Year Fellowship, University of Chicago
  • 2013    Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in Archaeology, University of Chicago
  • 2012    Ephron Research Scholarship, Department of Classics, University of Chicago
  • 2010    Eric P. Newman Award, American Numismatic Society
  • 2009    Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship in Archaeology, University of Chicago
  • 2009    Lord Scholarship, American School for Classical Studies at Athens
  • 2009    Semple Award, Classical Association for the Middle West and South (declined)



Romans Abroad: Citizenship, Place, and Empire (in progress)


Articles and Chapters

2018: “Mobility.” In A Cultural History of Western Empires in Antiquity, ed. C.F. Noreña, 131-152. New York: Bloomsbury Academic UK.

2017: “One and Many: Associations of Roman Citizens in Greece.” In Social Dynamics under Roman Rule: Mobility and Status Change in the Provinces of Achaia and Macedonia, ed. A. Rizakis and S. Zoumbaki, 407–25. Meletemata 74. Athens: National Hellenic Research Foundation.


Edited Volumes

2025: Futures of Ancient Greek and Roman History, with N. Morley. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (in preparation).


Review Articles

2022: “Connectivity and Disconnectivity in the Roman Empire.” Journal of Roman Studies 112, 215-235.