Greenland, Sally

Field: East Asia; Advisor: Hymes; Year: 2020

Sally Greenland studies the complexities of the Mongol Empire and its successor states. Her academic interests include the history of military engagement and militarization, the political cultures of Inner Asia, and nomadism on the Eurasian Steppe. Her current focus on elite Mongol women evolved from her master's dissertation, which scrutinized the contributions of female leaders in the Mongol Empire during the early imperial and imperial periods.

Sally holds an M.A. from Columbia University and an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics (with distinction) in international history. She also earned a Bachelor of Business from QUT in Brisbane, Australia. Prior to joining Columbia, she worked in both the finance and entertainment sectors. Sally prefers to spend winters in the basement of Starr Library and summers riding across the Steppe.