Dongchung, Tenzin Yewong (EALAC-Hist)

Field: Tibetan and Chinese History; Advisor: Gray Tuttle; Year: 2017

Tenzin Yewong Dongchung is a doctoral student in the EALAC-History-East Asia program. She is broadly interested in material culture history, borderlands history and intellectual history as it relates to the study of Tibet and China.

Her dissertation project explores the formation of Tibetan Buddhist printing network in Inner Asia during the Qing dynasty. She does so by focusing on the material culture history of institutions and artisans who produced these texts at both the Imperial center of Beijing as well as the monasteries on Sino-Tibetan borderlands.


Tenzin Dongchung, “Understanding Carton in early modern Europe, fol. 41r,” The Making and Knowing Project, A Digital Critical Edition of BnF Ms Fr. 640, forthcoming, 2020. For more information see 


Tenzin completed her B.A. from Wellesley College in 2013 and her M.A. from Columbia University in 2017.