Donovan, Joshua

Field: Middle East; Advisor: Khalidi and Elshakry; Year: 2015

Joshua Donovan is a PhD student focusing primarily on the intellectual, social, and political history of the Modern Middle East. His research centers on the emergence of competing conceptions of nationalism and liberalism, particularly among Christian communities in Greater Syria during the French Mandate and the early years of the Cold War. His dissertation follows these ideologies into diaspora, examining the development of complex transnational networks that shaped these movements and the region, more broadly.

Joshua’s broader research interests include Christian-Muslim relations, secularism and sectarianism in the Middle East, migration, colonialism, and American foreign policy.



Before coming to Columbia, Joshua earned a B.A. in History and Government (Political Science) from Georgetown University, and an M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. He has lived, travelled, and worked throughout the Middle East and Europe. When he’s not planning his next trip, Joshua can be found buried in a book or immersing himself in the annals of Broadway theatre.