DeVinney, Joslyn

Field: International and Global; Advisor: Ahmed; Year: 2016

Joslyn DeVinney is a PhD student in International and Global History at Columbia University. Her research examines early modern South Asian and European history,  with a particular focus on the history of science and imperialism.  



With Professor Pamela Smith, Sasha Grafit, and Xiomeng Liu. "Smoke and Silk: The Movement of Material Complexes across Eurasia," in Entangled Itineraries of Materials, Practices, and Knowing, University of Pittsburgh Press, Forthcoming.

“Alexander Dow” in Christian-Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History 1500-1900. Volume 12 Asia, Africa and the Americas (1700-1800), Leiden: Brill, Under review.


Prior to Columbia, Joslyn received a dual MA/MSc from Columbia University and the London School of Economics in International and World History, and a BA from the University of Michigan in History. 

She is a recipient of multiple Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for Persian language study, and has experience in Mughal Persian and Middle French paleography.