Instructional Faculty Contact Information: Fall 2018

Last Name First Name Field Speciality Office Phone Email Office Hours
Ahmed Manan SA Islamic South Asian History 502 FAY N/A ON FULL YEAR LEAVE
Alvandi Roham ME Iranian Foreign Relations 612 FAY N/A WED 4-6PM
Armstrong Charles EA Modern East Asian History, esp. Korea; International History 604 FAY 854-9121 WED 3-5PM
Billows Richard ANC Greek and Roman Society; Economy and Political Institutions 322M FAY 854-4486 WED 11AM-1PM
Blackmar Elizabeth US US Social and Cultural History 524 FAY 854-3016 WED 2:45-5PM & BY APPT
Blake Casey US US Intellectual and Cultural History 504 FAY 854-1785 TUES & WED 3-5PM (in 319 HAM)
Brown Christopher MEU History of the British Empire; Slavery and Abolition 422 FAY 854-4591 BY APPT ONLY
Carlebach Elisheva JWS Early Modern European History; Jewish History 505 FAY 854-5294 WED 2:30-3:30PM & BY APPT
Chamberlin Paul US 20th c. International History; US Foreign Relations; Middle East 516 FAY 854-0159 THURS 1:10-3PM & BY APPT
Chauncey George US History of Gender, Sexuality and the City; American LGBTQ History 622 FAY 854-5220 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Chazkel Amy LA Brazilian History 510 FAY 854-2246 TUES 1:30-3PM, THURS 3-4PM & BY APPT
Coatsworth John LA Latin American History 1414 IAB 854-4604/4605 BY APPT
Coleman Charly EME Histoy of the French Revolution 616 FAY 851-0126 TUES 3-5PM
Connelly Matthew MEU Modern European History; Decolonization 403 FAY 854-4563 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE
de Grazia Victoria MEU Modern European History 617 FAY 854-3667 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Dantas Monica LA Brazilian History; Political History; Rebellions 828-C IAB N/A THURS 4:30-6:30PM
Danzgier Halperin Anna MEU Comparative Social Policy, Gender & Childhood 404 FAY N/A MON 9:30-11:30AM
de Grazia  Victoria MEU Modern European History 617 FAY 854-3667 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Elshakry Marwa ME Middle Eastern History; History of Science 512 FAY 851-5914 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Evtuhov Catherine RUS History of Russia in Imperial Period 420 FAY 854-2420 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE
Farber Hannah US Political Economy of Colonial North America; Early American Republic 325 FAY N/A MON 12-2PM
Fields Barbara US 19th c. US History; Southern US History 621 FAY 854-3004 N/A BY APPT
Gluck Carol EA History of Modern Japan; Intellectual & Cultural History; Historiography 521 FAY 854-2591 TEACHING AT REID HALL FALL ’18 (PARIS)
Guridy Frank US Sports History; Urban History; Transnational History 412 FAY 854-4520 MON 9-10:30AM & BY APPT
Hallett Hilary US Gender and Cultural History; History of the American West 623 FAY 851-5902 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Howell Martha EME Early Modern Social and Women’s History in Northern Europe 614 FAY 854-7404 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Jackson Kenneth US US Urban, Social & Military History; History of NYC 603 FAY 854-2555 MON 2-4PM & BY APPT
Jacoby Karl US Environmental History; Borderlands History; Native American History 501 FAY 854-3009 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE
Jones Matthew EME Early Modern European History; History of Science 514 FAY 854-2421 WED 10AM-NOON
Katznelson Ira US Political Science 716 IAB 854-3646 WED 4-5:30PM
Kendirbai Gulnar RUS History of the Russian Empire; Central Asian History Harriman 1229A IAB 854-4623 BY APPT
Kennedy Wright US Urban Geographic History 410 FAY N/A MON 1-3PM
Khalidi Rashid ME Middle Eastern History 401 FAY 854-5291 TUES 11AM-1PM
Khan Tahira SA Modern South Asian History; Gender in Pakistan 501 FAY N/A THURS 2:15-4:15PM
Kobrin Rebecca JWS Jewish History 323 FAY 854-9017 WED 3-5PM
Kosto Adam MED Social, Institutional and Legal History of Medieval Western Europe 404 FAY 854-3005 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE; BY APPT ONLY
Lightfoot Natasha US British Caribbean and Carribean American History 523 FAY 851-5915 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE
Lillevik Line IGH/MA Executive Director of International and World History Master’s Program 402 FAY 854-3860 BY APPT
Mann Gregory AFR Francophone African History; West African History 615 FAY 854-3168 TUES 10:30-11:30AM & BY APPT
Mass Sarah MEU Modern British History 624 FAY N/A TUES 3-4PM & WED 4-5PM
Mazower Mark MEU Modern European History 503 FAY 854-4576 TUES 10:30AM-NOON
Mazurek Malgorzata MEU Poland and East Central European History 1229 IAB 854-2514 THURS 4:15-5:30PM
McCurry Stephanie US 19th c US History; History of Women and Gender 415 FAY 854-1741 TUES 2-3:30PM & THURS 4-5PM
Ngai Mae US United States History 520 FAY 854-2518 THURS 1-3PM & BY APPT
Nguyen Lien-Hang EA Vietnam War; US-Southeast Asian Relations; The Global Cold War 926 IAB 854-0129 TUES & THURS 1:15-2:15PM & BY APPT
Pedersen Susan MEU Modern Western European History 624 FAY 854-2414 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE
Piccato Pablo LA Latin American History; Mexican History 620 FAY 854-3725 TUES 5:10-6PM
Pizzigoni Caterina LA Latin American History 321 FAY 854-8709 THURS 3-5PM
Robcis Camille MEU History of Modern France; History of Gender and Sexuality 506 PHI HALL 854-1967 WED 3-5PM
Roberts Samuel US African-American History; History of Public Health 758 SCHER. EXT 854-7080 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Rosner David PHM History of Public Health and Medicine 722 W. 168th St., Room 934 N/A ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Rothman David PHM Social Medicine; History of Medicine 622 W. 168th St. 305-4096 BY APPT
Ruffini Giovanni ANC History of the Late Roman Empire 617 FAY N/A WED 10:45-11:45AM & 2:30-3:30PM
Sander-Faes Stephan RUS Central and Southeastern Europe in Early Modern and Modern Period 1232 IAB 854-0619 TUES 1-3PM
Schama Simon MEU Modern European Culture and Environment 522 FAY 854-5414 EMAIL 
Schwartz Seth JWS Jewish History 405 FAY 851-5907 BY APPT
Şen Ahmet Tunç ME Modern Ottoman Empire 610 FAY 851-5911 TUES & WED 2:30-3:30PM
Şenocak Neslihan EME Medieval Europe 324 FAY 851-5910 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Smith Pamela EME Early Modern Europe, Low Countries 605 FAY 854-7662 WED 3-5PM
Stanislawski Michael JWS Modern Jewish History 601 FAY 854-2482 THURS 2-4PM
Stephanson Anders US U.S. Foreign Relations; Historiography 612 FAY 854-3002 ON FALL ’18 LEAVE
Stephens Rhiannon AFR Sub-Saharan African History 602 FAY 854-4160 TUES & THURS 2-3PM
Tooze Adam MEU 20th c. and Contemporary History 421 FAY 854-2434 MON 4-6PM
Van De Mieroop Marc ANC Socio-Economic History of the Ancient Near East 424 FAY 851-5913 BY APPT
Wertheim Stephen US United States in the World 420 FAY N/A FRI 2-4PM
Wilder Craig US United States History 515 FAY 854-2240 BY APPT
Zelin Madeleine EA Legal and Social History of Modern China 926 IAB 854-1727 ON FULL YEAR LEAVE