Columbia University and Slavery: A Research and Justice Initiative

The Columbia University and Slavery project is a research and justice initiative examining Columbia’s connections to the history and legacies of enslavement. The ongoing work aims to provide a fuller and more nuanced picture of Columbia’s past, while also helping to inform conversations about the university’s role in the present. 

Confluence: A History of North American Rivers

Rivers have always been the lifeblood of the continent, yet their human histories have remained largely hidden from public view. Our goal is to create a publicly accessible digital platform for mapping and narrating lived history along North American rivers. 

History in Action

History in Action
is one of four pilot programs comprising the Career Diversity for Historians Initiative, funded by the American Historical Association and the Mellon Foundation.

Mapping Historical New York City

Mapping Historical New York City
is a collaboration to map immigration and neighborhood change in New York City during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

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