News Archive : December 2022

December 23, 2022

Hilary A. Hallett wrote an article for Slate that explores the historical accuracy of the recently-released film Babylon.

December 19, 2022

Susan Pedersen has received the prestigious Bielefeld Wissenschaftspreis for 2022 (Bielefeld Science Award), honoring outstanding researchers from arts and humanities, social and life sciences.

December 16, 2022

David Rosner was honored at a CCNY luncheon that named ten “David Rosner Fellows” in the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. By donating the fees he received from his work as an expert witness in State of Oregon v. Monsanto Co et al., he has funded two years of full tuition for these ten students, many of whom come from low-income and minority backgrounds.

David Rosner served as an expert witness and produced an expert report for the State of Oregon in the recently-settled State of Oregon v. Monsanto Co et which Monsanto was required to pay 698 million dollars for its role in polluting local waterways with PCBs, a toxic compound previously used in a variety of consumer goods. This settlement marks the largest environmental damage recovery in Oregon history, and the funds will be used to clean local bodies of water and undo the environmental damage caused by PCBs.


December 15, 2022

David Rosner was quoted in an article published by ProPublica, “As Workers Battle Cancer, The Government Admits Its Limit for a Deadly Chemical Is Too High,” as well as an article in NPR, “Why The Government Fails to Limit Many Dangerous Chemicals in the Workplace,” in which he discusses the issues and shortcomings of the regulatory bodies that were intended to protect workers from dangerous chemical exposure.

December 14, 2022

Mae Ngai gave a lecture on The Chinese Question at History Books, a program for NYC public school teachers, sponsored by the NYC Department of Education Social Studies Department and its Asian American- Pacific Islander curriculum program, on Dec 12, 2022, at Immigrant Social Services in Chinatown. 

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