News Archive : February 2022

February 28, 2022

Adam Tooze is quoted in “Biden’s Russia Sanctions May Let Moscow Profit From Oil, Gas” from the Associated Press.

Adam Tooze is mentioned in two articles published by The Spectator“Two reasons Putin thinks he can weather sanctions” and “Sanctions on Putin will hit Britain’s cost of living. Are we ready?”.

Anders Stephanson is mentioned in The New York Times article “Trump Praises Putin, Leaving Republicans in a Bind”.

Adam Tooze returns to ChinaTalk to discuss the war in Ukraine in “Emergency Pod: Tooze and Klein on Nuclear War, The EU’s Future, and What’s Next.”

February 25, 2022

Adam Tooze‘s podcast Ones and Tooze released Episode #21: “How Biden’s Sanctions Against Russia Fall Short”.

Mae Ngai gave virtual book talks at the Chinese American Museum on Feb. 17 and at Stanford University on Feb. 23, and the annual Neil Gotanda Lecture at Berkeley Law on Feb. 24.

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