News Archive : January 2022

January 31, 2022

Adam Tooze is quoted in “Russia and Ukraine: what does Putin want?” published by Money Week

Watch the talk on January 10th, during which A. Tunç Şen spoke as part of METU History Society’s “Conversations in the Track of Time” series, “Science and Astrology in the Ottoman Empire / Part 2: How to Translate History?”.

January 28, 2022

Adam Tooze discussed “Boris Johnson and the Sordid Arithmetic of Partygate” in Jan. 28th’s Ones and Tooze episode. 

January 27, 2022

Lien-Hang Nguyen appeared on LBJ: Triumph & Tragedy that will be broadcasted in back-to-back parts starting with part 1&2 on Feb 20th at 9pm ET/PT. Parts 3&4 will be broadcast the very next night, Feb 21st, at 9pm ET/PT.

Ones and Tooze released a new podcast episode “Inside the Davos Bubble” on January 21st, in which Adam Tooze talks to Cameron Abadi.

January 26, 2022

Adam Tooze wrote “Can Europe tame pandemonium?: Covid-19 brought the EU together — the crisis in Ukraine may now tear it apart” published in The New Statesman.

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