News Archive : December 2018

December 17, 2018

Short excerpts from Adam Tooze’s book Crashed were published in Axios: “How the financial crisis eroded public trust.”

December 12, 2018

Carol Gluck was interviewed on episode 81 of the University of British Columbia’s Meiji at 150 Podcast. 

David Rosner discussed the lead epidemic in Flint on PBS’s “The Open Mind.” 

Victoria Basualdo, PhD 2010, served as an expert witness in a case against Ford Motors. She was quoted in The New York Times about the case: “Argentina Convicts Ex-Ford Executives for Abuses During Dictatorship.”

December 11, 2018

David Rosner’s ToxicDocs project was featured on Columbia News: “ToxicDocs Levels the Playing Field for Efforts to Prevent Toxic Exposures.”

December 5, 2018

Adam Tooze wrote for The New York Times: “How Does the E.U. Think This Is Going to End?” 

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