News Archive : March 2018

March 30, 2018

Richard John presented the annual Thomas Berry lecture at the University of Richmond.

March 26, 2018

David J. Rothman offered perspective on the cost of effective mental healthcare in an article examining the future of asylums in The New York Times.

Carol Gluck spoke on a panel at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s conference on Japan-Korea Relations.¬†

Charles K. Armstrong was quoted in an article in The Washington Post on how economic pressure may have helped bring North Korea to accept plans for negotiations.

March 22, 2018

David Rosner was featured in WNYC’s “NYC Undercounts Thousands of Children Most At Risk for Lead Exposure.”

Frank Guridy was quoted in The New York Times: “At Columbia, Revisiting the Revolutionary Students of 1968.”¬†

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