News and Announcements

10/27 - The following Department of History faculty members will be recognized on Wed. Oct. 29th at the Faculty Distinction Reception: Elizabeth Blackmar, Eric Foner, Carol Gluck, Kenneth Jackson, Karl Jacoby, Alice Kessler-Harris, Rashid Khalidi, Natasha Lightfoot, Susan Pedersen, Christine Philliou.

10/24 - Natasha Lightfoot has been selected as an honoree for Community News Group's event '40 Under 40.' CNG operates the largest circulation of weekly newspapers in the NY market.

10/23 - The Department warmly congratulates Charles Armstrong, Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Studies in the Social Sciences, on his receipt of theAmerican Historical Association's John K. Fairbank Prize for 2014 for his book, Tyranny of the Weak: North Korea and the World, 1950 - 1992. Established by a gift to the Association from the friends of the prominent historian of China and East Asia at Harvard and President of the Association in 1968, the John K. Fairbank Prize is awarded for the best work on the history of China proper, Vietnam, Chinese Central Asia, Mongolia, Manchuria, Korea, or Japan since the year 1800.

10/22 - Nick Juravich, PhD Candidate, was awarded the Metropolitan College Scholar-in-Residence, a new voluntary fellowship created by the Academic Council of Metropolitan College of New York.

10/22 - John Coatsworth was quoted in The New York Times' "Ebola Prompts Universities to Tighten Travel Rules."

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