News and Announcements

07/01 - Mae Ngai was interviewed by Tuncent Culture (tengxun wenhua), a China journal, on June 30, about the publication of her book The Lucky Ones, in Chinese translation.

07/01 - Mark Mazower's piece "Don't Bet on Syriza" was featured in The New York Times.

06/29 - Barbara Fields was quoted in The Boston Globe's "All these years later, the Civil War rages on."

06/26 - Mark Mazower received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Athens.

06/26 - Eric Foner's piece "The Historical Roots of Dylann Roof's Racism" was featured in The Nation.

06/26 - Mark Mazower's piece "A last chance for Alexis Tsipras to choose country over party" was featured in Financial Times.

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