News and Announcements

07/21 - Rashid Khalidi was interviewed by The Majority Report with Sam Seder. The podcast "The Occupation & Racism & America's Complicity" can be found here.

07/21 - A book review written by Ana Isabel Keilson, PhD Candidate, has been published in the Spring 2014 issue of Dane Research Journal.

07/16 - Hilary Hallett's piece "Why Do Men Dislike Erotica for Women So Much?" was featured on Pacific Standard.

07/14 - Rashid Khalidi's piece "Israel's Assault on Gaza Obscures Core Issues: Racism, Occupation, Colonization," was featured on AlterNet.

07/14 - Marc Van De Mieroop was mentioned in Fox News' piece "Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq."

07/14 - Alice Kessler-Harris took part in the Interuniversity for European-American History and Politics (CISPEA)'s International Workshop: "Shifting Notions of Social Citizenship: The 'Two Wests'" in Ried Hall, Paris. Participants included George Aumoithe, Nick Juravich, and Suzanne Kahn, PhD Candidates.

07/11 - Eric Foner was mentioned in STL Today's piece, "Editorial: A Celebration of Freedom. Interpretations May Vary."

07/07 - Ways of Making and Knowing: The Material Culture of Empirical Knowledge edited by Pamela Smith, Amy Meyers, and Harold Cook has been published by University of Michigan Press.

07/07 - David Rothman was mentioned in Pacific Standard's piece "The Organ Detective: A Career Spent Uncovering a Hidden Global Market in Human Flesh."

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