News and Announcements

08.23 - NYCTC website goes live.  The New York-Cambridge Training Collaboration in Twentieth-Century British History (NYCTC) brings together graduate students and faculty from Columbia, NYU and Cambridge University for regular workshops and discussions.  To have a look at its work, click here.

08.11 - Susan Pedersen was quoted in Huffington Post's "Suggested Reading List For Donald Trump."

08.10 - Carol Gluck talks with Slate, The New York Times, and The Takeaway about Japanese Emperor Akihito.

08.05 - Mark Mazower's piece, "The value of Karl Marx's 19th century thinking in today's world," was featured in The Financial Times.

08.03 - Mark Mazower's piece, "Europe has to defend what it has achieved so far," was featured in The Financial Times.

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