News and Announcements

07.18 - "Did the Color of His Skin Kill Philando Castile?" a piece written by Barbara Fields and Karen Fields, was featured in Jacobin.

07.07 - Mae Ngai was quoted in The American Prospect's "Don't Assume Trump's Bias is Mere Bluster."

07.05 - Christopher Brown's review of New England Bound by Wendy Warren, was featured in The New York Times' "In America's Long History of Slavery, New England Shares the Guilt."

06.27 - Simon Schama was interviewed by NPR: "Historian Simon Schama Describes Brexit Vote As 'Turning Point' For Britain."

06.24 - Pursuing the Unite of Science: ideology and Scientific Practice from the Great War to the Cold War, edited by Geert Somsen and Harmke Kamminga was released by Routledge.

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