News and Announcements

03.22 - Tarik Amar was quoted in 99% Invisible's podcast "The Falling of the Lenins."

03.20 - Manan Ahmed's piece, "Half a Cheer for Democracy in Pakistan," was featured in The New York Times.

03.20 - Kenneth Jackson was quoted in USA Today's "Cousin: 'Kellyanne wasn't afraid of anything or anyone.'"

03.20 - Volker Berghahn was quoted in Wired's "Germany's Flawed Plan to Fight Hate Speech By Fining Tech Giants Millions."

03.15 - "Towards Usable Histories of the Black Commons," a piece written by JT Roane, PhD '16, was featured in African American Intellectual History Society.

03.15 - Alice Kessler-Harris launched MOOC "Women Have Always Worked."

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