News and Announcements

05/04 - The following History Undergraduates have been awarded the Global Innovation Fund Senior Thesis Fellowships:

Stanislaus Conze, "National Identity and Medievalism: A Comparative Study of Early-Nineteenth Century France, Germany, and Italy."
Susan Harling (Barnard), "The Economic and Urban Planning Effects of the Tourism Industry on Paris, 1870-1914."
Maris Hubbard, "Feminist Activism in the Former Yugoslavia and the Prosecution of Rape at the ICTY."
Catalina Mackaman-Lofland (Barnard), "Comtean Positivism, Jules Ferry, and French North AFrica in the Third Republic."
Harrison Stetler, "'Late Capitalism': Understanding the Economic Theory of Ernst Mandel."
Wallace Teska, "The Citizens of 1946: Pre-War Precedents for the Expansion of French Citoyenneté in the Era of Decolonization."
Anta Touray (Barnard), "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité: The French Revolution, Saint Domingue, and the Colonial Question."
Jeff Xu, The Production of Imperial Geopolitics on British India's Northwest Frontier."

05/04 - "The Armenian Genocide and the Politics of Knowledge," a review written by Christine Philliou, was featured in Public Books.

04/30 - David Rothman was featured in Huffington Post's "Feds Pay for Drug Fraud: 92 Perfect of Foster Care, Poor Kids Prescribed Antipsychotics Get Them for Unaccepted Uses."

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