News and Announcements

01/20 - "'When the Facts Change: Essays 1995-2010,'" a review written by Mark Mazower was featured in Finanical Times.

01/20 - Eric Foner's latest book Gateway To Freedom was reviewed in The Wall Street Journal: "The Hidden Story of the Underground Railroad."

01/20 - Eric Foner was interviewed by NPR: "'Gateway To Freedom': Heroes, Danger and Loss on the Underground Railroad."

01/15 - Eric Foner was featured in The New York Times' "Words From the Past Illuminate a Station on the Way to Freedom."

01/13 - Charles Armstrong was quoted in Newsweek's "Are North and South Korea Heading for Talks?"

01/13 - Tarik Amar was quoted in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung's "Die Erzählungen des Kalten Kriegs wirken weiter."

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