News and Announcements

10/17 - David Rosner was quoted in The Washington Post's "CDC director's challenge: Deadly Ebola virus and outbreak of criticism" and The Nation's "The Brain Cancer Rate for Girls in This Town Shot Up 550% - Is a Defense Contract to Blame?"

10/13 - Rashid Khalidi was quoted in PBS NewsHour's "Islamic State group uses only half of a Quran verse to justify beheadings - see what's in the other half."

10/10 - Charles Armstrong was interviewed on CNN regarding Kim Jong-un.

10/10 - Kenneth Jackson was featured in Columbia News' piece, "An All-Night Bike Ride Through New York City's History."

10/08 - David Marcus, PhD Candidate, was appointed co-editor, of Dissent.

10/07 - "Ferguson is the Afterlife of Slavery in the Americas," a piece written by Yesenia Barragan, PhD Candidate, was featured in Telesur.

10/06 - Rashid Khalidi was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal's "A Sage, Once Reviled, Now Is China's Brand."

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