News and Announcements

03.24 - Mae Ngai was quoted in Houston Chronicle's "Go ahead and celebrate the Irish, and the Mexicans, and the Muslims."

03.24 - Eric Foner's report on Columbia and Slavery was profiled by the Atlantic Black Star in "Columbia Students Lead the Way in Uncovering the School's Relationship to Slavery."

03.24 - Pablo Piccato wrote several pieces:

"Juan Perón shows how Trump could destroy our democracy without tearing it down," on Washington Post.

"America helped create the racist myth of the violent Mexican that Trump is exploiting today," on Quartz.

"La ofensiva de Trump contra la sociedad civil: ¿Qué sigue?" on Nexos.

03.22 - Tarik Amar was quoted in 99% Invisible's podcast "The Falling of the Lenins."

03.20 - Manan Ahmed's piece, "Half a Cheer for Democracy in Pakistan," was featured in The New York Times.

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