News and Announcements

08/12 - Tarik Amar gave an opening lecture at Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald titled "No Good War: Ukraine and a European Crisis of Meaning."

08/10 - Mae Ngai was quoted in Slate's "The Law That Villainized Mexican Immigrants."

08/05 - Richard Bushman was quoted in The Washington Post's "Mormon church publishes photos in push toward transparency."

08/03 - Pamela Smith was quoted in Chemical & Engineering News' piece "Science Historians Revive Ancient Recipes."

08/03 - Mark Mazower's piece, "Berlin's devotion to rules harms EU," was featured in the Financial Times.

08/03 - Tarik Amar was mentioned in Le Monde's Diplomatique's "Hope At Last For Ukraine?"

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