News and Announcements

03/03 - "The Jewish Journey: America," a documentary by Emmy-award winner Andrew Goldberg premieres on Tuesday, March 3 at 8pm on PBS. Featured prominently are Professors Michael Stanislawski and Rebecca Kobrin who comment upon the historical circumstances surrounding mass Jewish migration to America over teh last three centuries. The documentary has also been widely reviewed, with many reviewers commenting on the analysis provided by members of the department. See:

03/03 - Eric Foner was in conversation with Emory Professor Leslie Harris about his new book at the Schomburg Center's Lapidus Center for the Historical Analysis of Transatlantic Slavery.

03/02 - Marwa Elshakry was awarded the Morris D. Forkosch Prize for Reading Darwin in Arabic, 1860-1950. The prize is awarded annually by the Journal of the History of Ideas for the best first book in intellectual history.

02/26 - David Rothman's Letter to the Editor was featured in The New York Times' "Can There Be Good Mental Asylums?"

02/26 - Eric Foner was quoted in The New York Times Magazine's "Building the First Slavery Museum in America."

02/25 - Noah Rosenblum, PhD student, was interviewed on NPR's "Has Our View of Corruption Been Corrupted?"

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