News and Announcements

11/21 - Mae Ngai was quoted in Financial Times' "America excels at absorbing not expelling."

11/19 - Rashid Khalidi was featured in AlJazeera's "Guests: The Peace Process: Never and Forever."

11/14 - Rashid Khalidi's piece "Why are Jerusalem's 300,000 Arabs rising up again?" is featured in Reuters.

11/14 - Mae Ngai was quoted in Slate's "Obama's Immigration Overhaul Is Going to Be a Big Freakin' Deal."

11/11 - Pamela Smith was elected Vice President of the Renaissance Society of America in 2014. Smith will be the Vice President for two years, then President 2016-2018, then Past President 2018-2020.

11/11 - Gregory Mann was quoted in New York Observer's "The Stigma of Ebola Remains Virulent in New York's African Community."

11/11 - Richard Bushman was quoted in The New York Times' "It's Official: Mormon Founder Had up to 40 Wives."

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