News and Announcements

02.04 - David Rosner was quoted in The Washington Post's "Untold cities across America have higher rates of lead poisoning than Flint."

02.04 - "Trump, fascism and populism," a piece by Pablo Piccato and Federico Finchelstein, was featured in Nexos.

02.04 - David Rosner was interviewed in Philly.Com's "Lead in Flint: This is America."

02.03 - David Rosner was interviewed in MarketPlace's "Lead may be biggest childhood epidemic in the U.S."

02.03 - Kenneth Jackson was quoted in The New York Times' "New York Council Resists Renaming Effort to Honor Evacuation Day."

02.01 - "Ottoman Infrastructures of the Saudi Hydro-State," an article written by Michael Chris Low, PhD 2015, has been named the winner of the American Society for Environmetnal History's Alice Hamilton Prize for the best environmental history article not published by the journal Environmental History. The award will be presented at teh ASEH's annual conference in Seatle on April 2nd.

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