News and Announcements

03/31 - Eric Foner was interviewed by Democracy Now! in "Civil War Historian Eric Foner on the Radical Possibilities of Reconstruction."

03/30 - Kenneth Jackson was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal's "On the Block: New York City Stuff."

03/30 - Eric Foner's piece "Why Reconsstruction Matters" was featured in The New York Times' Sunday Review.

03/30 - Etienne Stockland, PhD student, Early Modern Europe, won the Marjorie M. and Lancelot L. Farrar Prize for dissertation research outside North America.

03/25 - Simon Schama's piece "Artefacts Under Attack" was featured in the Financial Times.

03/23 - Mae Ngai was selected as a Visiting Scholar for 2015-2016 by the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

03/17 - Eric Foner and Kenneth Jackson were mentioned in The New York Times' "Museums Seek to Lure, Then Lock In, Teenage Connoisseurs."

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