News and Announcements

11/26 - Eric Foner was awarded the National Institute of Social Science's Gold Honor Medal, an honor that has been bestowed for 100 years. Other prominent people who have received this award in the past include Henry Kissinger and J. Edgar Hoover.

11/25 - Manan Ahmed was awarded a grant from the Provost RFP on Hybrid Learning Course Redesign and Delivery.

11/24 - Charles Armstrong was quoted in Bloomberg's "Korean Heroine Tortured by Japan Haunts Pages of History."

11/21 - Mae Ngai was quoted in Financial Times' "America excels at absorbing not expelling."

11/19 - Rashid Khalidi was featured in AlJazeera's "Guests: The Peace Process: Never and Forever."

11/14 - Rashid Khalidi's piece "Why are Jerusalem's 300,000 Arabs rising up again?" is featured in Reuters.

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