News and Announcements

07/28 - Charles Armstrong was interviewed on Arirang News' "Expert's view: Prof. Charles Armstrong on North Korea."

07/23 - Eric Foner was quoted in The Huffington Post's "Ulysses S. Grant Died 130 Years Ago. Racists Hate Him, But Historians No Longer Do."

07/23 - The following are 2015 ACLS Fellowship Recipients who are affiliated with Columbia University's Department of History: Megan French-Marcelin, PhD; James J. Gerien-Chen, PhD Candidate; Weiwei Luo, PhD Candidate; Alfonso Salgado, PhD Candidate; Timothy E. Shenk, PhD Candidate; Peter W. Walker, PhD Candidate.

07/17 - Debra Glasberg Gail, PhD Candidate, was named a 2015 Lapidus Summer Fellow at the Center for Jewish History.

07/14 - "From Federalism to Binationalism: Hannah Arendt's Shifting Zionism," a piece by Gil Rubin, PhD Candidate, was published in Contemporary European History.

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