Winter, Emma

Associate Research Scholar



Ph.D. — University of Cambridge, 2005
M. Phil. — University of Cambridge, 1999
M.A. — St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, 2001
B.A. — St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, 1998


Interests and Research

Emma Winter specializes in the political, cultural and intellectual history of western Europe, especially Britain and the German states, in the age of Enlightenment and Revolution (c. 1750-1850).  She is particularly interested in the history of art and aesthetics; the concept of taste, processes of taste-making and the role and influence of tastemakers; cultural change, intercultural transfer and transnational exchange; the entwined histories of idealism, humanism, classicism, republicanism, romanticism, historicism and primitivism; the evolution of liberalism, along with competing philosophies of history and alternative ideas of what constitutes 'progress'; the emergence of nationalism and the construction of national cultures; pedagogy, practical ethics and the psychology of the imagination; experiments in aesthetic governance, state promotion of the arts and the interaction of art, politics and religion.  Currently completing her first book on the rise of interest in early Italian painting in the nineteenth century, Emma is also working on a series of case studies, drawn from some of the major works of European literature, that reflect upon the nature of vision and visual experience, sight and blindness.


  • COCC 1101 - Contemporary Western Civilizations I
  • COCC 1102 - Contemporary Western Civilizations II
  • HIST G8311 - Intro to the Literature of Modern European History
  • HIST W4322 - German History, 1740-1914
  • HIST W3312 - British History, 1760-1867
  • HIST W4336 - Art and Politics in Early Victorian England
  • HIST W4308 - Nations and Nationalisms in 19th century Europe



  • Nominated for Van Doren Teaching Award (2006-07).




  • Visiting Fellow, Cultural Transmission and Disciplinary Change, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge.



Beauty Before Freedom: Artistic Taste and Aesthetic Governance in Revolutionary Europe(forthcoming)

Scholarly Articles

"Between Louis and Ludwig: from the culture of French power to the power of German culture,c. 1789-1848" in H. Scott and B. Simms, eds., The Cultures of Power in Europe during the Long Eighteenth Century (Cambridge, 2007), pp. 348-68.

"German fresco painting and the new Houses of Parliament at Westminster, 1834-51" in The Historical Journal, 47, 2 (2004), pp. 291-329.

"Prince Albert, fresco painting, and the new Houses of Parliament" in J. Davis and F. Bosbach,eds., Prinz Albert - Ein Wettiner in Großbritannien - Prince Albert - A Wettin in Great Britain (Munich, 2004), pp. 147-158.