Delalande, Nicolas

Nicolas Delalande
Alliance Visiting Professor
Spring 2022
Office Hours: tbd

Nicolas Delalande is an Associate Professor in European History at Sciences Po Paris. He is
currently an Alliance Visiting Professor at Columbia's History Department, where he teaches
on "State Power and Social Resistance in a Global Historical Perspective" for the 2022 Spring
term. Columbia students interested in discussing these topics are welcomed to contact him.

His research focuses on social history, political economy, and the history of the state in
nineteenth and twentieth century Europe, with a comparative and transnational perspective.
He has worked on the history of consent and resistance to taxation, the global politics of
public debt, philanthropy, and transnational labor solidarities in late nineteenth and early
twentieth century. All these topics address the question of how solidarity and collective action
are produced, challenged, and contested in democratic societies. His new research project
looks at how modern conceptions of citizenship and civic duties have been reconfigured in the
age of finance capitalism and globalization.

For further information, please visit his webpage at the Centre d'Histoire de Sciences Po:

Selected publications:
- Struggle and Mutual Support. The Age of Worker Solidarity (Other Press, forthcoming
2022), English translation of La Lutte et l'Entraide. L'âge des solidarités ouvrières (Seuil,
- 'Socioeconomic Rights before the Welfare State: Labour Movements and Economic
Emancipation in Nineteenth Century Europe', in Steven L.B. Jensen, Charles Walton (eds),
Social Rights and the Politics of Obligation in History, Cambridge University Press, 2022.
- with Nicolas Barreyre (eds), A World of Public Debts. A New Political History (Palgrave
MacMillan, 2020:;
- with Blaise Truong-Loï, Histoire politique du XIX e siècle (Presses de Sciences Po, 2021);
- with Patrick Boucheron et al., France in the World. A New Global History (Other Press,
- Les Batailles de l'impôt. Consentement et résistances de 1789 à nos jours (Seuil, 2014).
- with Romain Huret, 'Tax Resistance: a Global History", special issue, Journal of Policy
History, 25-3, 2013.