Newman, Rachel

Field: Latin America; Advisor: Piccato; Year: 2012

Rachel Grace Newman is a Ph.D. candidate in International and Global History. She studies the social, cultural, and political history of modern Mexico. Her dissertation, “Studying Abroad for the Good of the Nation: Mexican Student Migration and the Making of Transnational Mexico in the Twentieth Century,” explores higher education, immigration, and identity using Mexican and U.S. sources. For more information on her research and teaching, please visit her website,


2014 Los niños migrantes entre Michoacán y California. Pertenencia, Estado-nación y educación, 1976-1987. Zapopan, Jalisco: El Colegio de Jalisco.
 Peer-reviewed article
2013 “Etnia, nación y jerarquía en la literatura infantil estadounidense sobre México, 1909-1939.” Intersticios Sociales. Zapopan, Mexico: El Colegio de Jalisco. Year 3, no. 5.
Book reviews
2016 Ruben Flores, Backroads Pragmatists. The Latin Americanist, forthcoming.
2016 Mary Kay Vaughan, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Painter. Pepe Zúñiga and Mexico City’s Rebel Generation. Journal of Latin American Studies, vol. 48, no. 2.
2011 Martha Vergara Fregoso et al., Educación Intercultural: un estudio de las comunidades indígenas en Jalisco. Estudios sobre las culturas contemporáneas, vol. XVII, no. 33.
2010 Niels Barmeyer, Developing Zapatista Autonomy: Conflict and NGO Involvement in Rebel Chiapas. Indigenous Peoples Issues and Resources (online).
2017 Interview on television program “American History,” C-SPAN 3.
2017 “Las tensiones en la migración de estudiantes mexicanos a Estados Unidos: pasado y presente.” Distancia por tiempos (education blog for the Mexican magazine Nexos).
2016 “A Truth that had to be Told: Uncovering the History of School Segregation in El Monte.” Tropics of Meta (blog).


M.Phil., History, Columbia University, 2015.

M.A., History, Columbia University, 2014.

Maestría, Estudios Sobre la Región (Master’s Degree in Regional Studies), El Colegio de Jalisco, 2012.

B.A., Latin American Studies, Yale University, 2009 (Magna cum laude, with Distinction in the Major).


Instructor of Record

“Mexico and the United States: Migration, Politics, and Culture,” Spring 2018.
“Primary Texts of Latin American Civilization,” Spring 2017.

Teaching Assistant

“Intro. to Comparative Ethnic Studies,” Nelson Maldonado-Torres, Spring 2015.
“Latin American Civilization I,” Caterina Pizzigoni, Fall 2014.
“Mexico from Revolution to Democracy,” Pablo Piccato, Spring 2014.
“U.S.-Latin American Relations since World War II,” John Coatsworth, Fall 2013, 2014.
“Women and Gender in Latin America,” Nara Milanich, Fall 2013.