Neubauer, Jack

Field: International and Global; Advisor:Lean; Year: 2012

Jack Neubauer is a PhD candidate in modern Chinese and global history.  He is interested thematically in global histories of humanitarianism, childhood and family, intimacy and emotions, and international relations and diplomacy.  His regional focus spans modern China, East Asia, and Chinese communities across the global north.

Jack’s dissertation, “Adopted by the World: China and the Rise of Global Intimacy,” examines the histories of international adoption and child sponsorship in China from the 1930s through the 1950s.  It traces how the recipients of humanitarian aid in China shaped the practices and politics of the post-WWII global humanitarian order.  Utilizing a unique collection of 546 original letters exchanged between Chinese children and their “foster parents” abroad, it sheds light on the intertwining of intimate relations and international relations through the practice of humanitarianism during the WWII and Cold War eras. 

Eighteen months of dissertation research in China was supported by an SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship, an SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship, and a Fulbright Fellowship as well as by grants from Columbia University and the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

A native of Virginia, Jack received his BA summa cum laude from Northwestern University, where he studied history and English.