Murphy, A. J.

Field: United States; Advisor: Blackmar; Year: 2012

A.J. Murphy is a doctoral candidate in history at Columbia University, specializing in twentieth century U.S. political economy, the history of social science, and military history. Murphy’s research explores the spread of business ideology and practice into non-business arenas, as well as the role of the state in economic life. Their dissertation, “Corporatizing Defense: Management Expertise and the Transformation of the Cold War U.S. Military,” recounts how defense leaders patterned the administration of the military on business enterprise. After World War II, the military bureaucracy embraced techniques including time and motion study, professional business education, and cost accounting in pursuit of the presumed efficiency of the profit-seeking firm. Murphy has experience teaching the history of capitalism, war and society, intellectual history, and the history of gender and sexuality. They received their B.A. (2012) in Social Studies from Harvard and an M.A (2014) and M.Phil. (2015) in history from Columbia University.