Marris, Caroline

Field: Early Modern Europe; Advisor: Brown; Year: 2013

Caroline was born in London and raised in Cyprus before moving to the United States (Boston) in 1999. She graduated magna cum laude with highest honors in 2012 with a BA in History and English from New York University, where she wrote prize-winning senior theses on early modern privateering and Elizabethan imagery and co-edited the history department undergraduate journal, Historian. After graduation she worked for a year at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, helping to organize Teaching American History Grant programs for secondary school history teachers.

Her dissertation, "The 'Silver Sea' and the Nation-State: The Multifaceted Geopolitics of the Early Modern English Channel," focuses on the political and cartographic history of the Channel region in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, particularly during the Dutch Revolt of 1566-1609. She is also interested in exploring the intersection of history and the craft of writing in popular histories and novels. She served as co-President of the Graduate History Association in 2014-15, sitting on the department's History in Action Committee and Graduate Education Committee. In 2015-16 she was one of the department's Graduate Student Coordinators of the History in Action Program and helped to organized the conference "High-Stakes History: The Many Conversations of the Historian" (January 2016). In 2017 she attended the Humanities Without Walls workshop in Chicago (a project of the Chicago Humanities Festival and the Mellon Foundation) and presented at a winter school on "Global Frontiers" at the University of Tubingen. In 2018-19 she has presented to the Columbia University Seminar for British Studies and will fulfill a short-term fellowship from the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Her research has also been supported by Royal Museums Greenwich and the Harley Fellowship in the History of Cartography.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and baking, writes fiction, and is an enthusiastic follower of football (of the non-American variety). She has performed and recorded early music with the viola da gamba consort The Teares of the Muses, and has played with the Columbia University Orchestra and the New Opera Workshop on violin.

From January 2018 to January 2020, Caroline will serve on the American Historical Association's Graduate and Early Career Committee. If you are a graduate student with questions or concerns you would like to bring to the committee or wider AHA, please email her at

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Teaching Experience:

Instructor, Contemporary Civilization, 2018-2019

T.A., Early Russian History to 1900 (Evtuhov)

T.A., Early Modern Europe 1500-1789 (Biagetti)

T.A., Europe Since 1789 (Coen)

T.A., Early Modern France (Coleman)

T.A., Early Modern Europe 1500-1789 (Valenze)

Grader, Merchants, Pirates, and Slaves (Wennerlind)