Kuzuoglu, Ulug

Field: International and Global; Advisor: Zelin; Year: 2011

Ulug Kuzuoglu is a PhD candidate in the International and Global History program at Columbia. He received his BA in Sociology, and MA in History from Bogazici University, Istanbul. He joined Columbia in 2011.

His doctoral thesis, tentatively titled "Overcome by Information: Psychogrammatology, Cognitive Management, and Scripts in China, 1892-1986," explores the technopolitics of script invention in China. Apart from his interest in the history of brain sciences and writing technologies which frame his study, he integrates the histories of Central Asia, Russia, the Ottoman Empire, and China in an effort to excavate the global history of the Chinese information society.

For his dissertation, he conducted research in China, Taiwan, Turkey, and Russia with the financial and institutional support from Columbia University, Beijing University, Weatherhead East Asian Institute Fellowship, Heyman Center Fellowship, SSRC-IDRF, ACLS Fellowship, Chinese Government Scholarship (PRC), and Center for Chinese Studies Fellowship (Taiwan).