Katz, Jordan

Field: Early Modern/Jewish; Advisor: Carlebach; Year: 2013

Jordan Katz is a fourth-year Ph.D student in Early Modern Jewish history, with interests in Jewish cultural history, history of science, and Jewish communal autonomy. Her dissertation examines the role of Jewish "wise women" within communal and intellectual frameworks in the early modern Ashkenazic world. She is also interested in culinary history and historical reconstruction, and edits the culinary history blog, Leftovers, along with her colleague, Alma Igra.

Jordan received her BA in 2011 from Columbia University, where she majored in History and received honors from the Department of History. Her work has been published in Jewish Quarterly Review.

Jordan will be a fellow at the Center for Jewish History and a member of the Leo Baeck Fellowship Programme in 2016-2017.