Brown, Tristan

Field: East Asia/China; Advisor: Zelin; Year: 2010

Tristan Brown is a scholar of late imperial and modern Chinese History. He is interested in Chinese environmental and legal histories as well as the histories of East Asian frontiers. His first book project, based on his doctoral dissertation "The Veins of the Earth: Property, Environment, and Cosmology in Nanbu County, 1865-1942," uses a well-preserved county archive in western China to explore the ways in which the imperial state engaged with diverse cultural practices in administering property, which had great implications for the environment, statecraft, and religion. Building on his long-standing interest in the history of Islam in China, his second, on-going project provides an ethnography of a local Muslim community through Chinese and Japanese archival sources. He has published and is publishing a number of articles related to these projects. 


Tristan received his PhD in History from Columbia University in 2017; he also received his MA from Columbia and his AB from Harvard College. In addition to serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford for the 2017-18 academic year, he has been elected as a Research Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.