This page provides an overview of our course offerings for all three terms, to help students as they make decisions and plans for the academic year ahead. Please note that this schedule may be subject to change, and students are encouraged not only to revisit this page but also to confirm the course listings in the online Directory of Courses and Vergil, where course descriptions and class meeting times are updated regularly. 

In addition to semester-long (14-week) course offerings, the History Department will also offer 7-week “immersive courses” for fall and spring semesters. These courses will cover a semester’s worth of material in a shorter period of time and will meet for twice as many hours per week, allowing more contact between faculty and students and more sustained focus on the class content. They will be offered in either the first half of a semester (e.g., Fall A, Spring A) or in the second half of a semester (e.g., Fall B, Spring B).

Please contact the following people with questions about the courses listed below or with questions about undergraduate or graduate programs of study:

The Columbia community should be aware of a number of operational updates.

2020-2021 Year at a Glance

Fall 2021 Course Listings – Updated September 13

Spring 2022 Course ListingsUpdated October 21


NOTE ON COURSE CLASSIFICATIONS: The course classifications (i.e. Modern European, U.S., Jewish, Medieval, etc.) are neither formal nor final. A course can count for more than one specialization. Please look at the description of the course, and if you think it might fit into your specialization requirements, but classified under another field, please consult with a member of UNDED.

NOTE ON SUBJECT CODES: Courses taught by History core faculty or affiliated faculty normally count for the major and concentration regardless of the subject code used in the Directory of Classes (i.e. AMST, CSER, HSEA, etc.). Please consult with a member of UNDED if you are uncertain about whether a given course counts.

NOTE ON REGULARLY CROSS-LISTED COURSES:  Some sections of courses which are regularly cross-listed do not count for majors and concentrators if the instructor is not a member or affiliate of the History Department. These include but are not limited to: AFCV UN1020 – African Civilization, LACV UN1020 – Latin American Civilization, or ASCE UN13xx – Introduction to East Asian Civilization. Please inquire with the Curriculum Coordinator if you are unsure whether a particular section counts.  

Please contact  our Curriculum Coordinator if you have questions about any course offerings. See the below DoC links for course descriptions, call numbers and course updates in real time: