**Please note that students intending to write a senior thesis for the Columbia History Department in the 2016-2017 Academic Year are strongly encouraged to enroll in a seminar for which they will write a substantial research paper. Students should therefore confirm with the seminar instructor that they will in fact be asked to write a research paper.

Fall 2015 Seminar Application Process

The department is implementing a new process with the hope that it will make registering for seminars easier. The department will continue to utilize the “Seminar Application Form” at faculty request and/or for the most popular seminars only. All other seminars will be capped at a maximum enrollment of 15 students. You will be allowed to register (and de-register) for these classes during any of the pre-registration periods. However, instructor’s permission is still required prior to officially registering for the course.

A list of the Fall 2015 seminars that require instructor’s permission
* * As of March 10th, 2015 * *

HIST W4024 – The Golden Age of Athens
Richard Billows
R 2:10-4

HIST BC4360 – London: From ‘Great Wen’ to World City
Deborah Valenze
T 12:10-2

HIST W4377 – Cold War Public Diplomacy
Victoria Phillips
R 2:10-4

HIST W4400 – Americans and the Natural World
William Leach
R 2:10-4

HIST BC4444 – Freedom Dreams: Struggles for Justice in the U.S. and Beyond
Premilla Nadasen
W 2:10-4

HIST BC4479 – Colonial Gotham: The History of New York City, 1609-1776
Andrew Lipman
M 11-12:50

HIST W4532 – Seminar on the Civil War
Stephanie McCurry
W 10:10-12

HIST W4567 – The U.S. in the Nuclear Age
Meg Jacobs
R 12:10-2

HIST W4610 – Jews in Ancient Mediterranean
Seth Schwartz
R 10:10-12

HIST W4769 – Health and Healing in African History
Rhiannon Stephens
W 10:10-12

HIST BC4788 – Gender, Sexuality, and Power in African History
Abosede George
M 2:10-4

HIST BC4904 – Intro to Historical Theory and Method
Joel Kaye
R 4:10-6

HIST BC4910 – Global Politics of Reproduction: Culture, Politics, and History
Nara Milanich
T 11-12:50

HIST W4949 – The Passions: Introduction to the History of Emotions
Marwa Elshakry
W 2:10-4


Please visit professors during their office hours or email them to ask for permission to enroll. If you fail to secure permission from the instructor, the instructor can ask that you be removed.  You will also have the ability to drop seminars using SSOL. Finally, students who receive the instructor’s permission to enroll in their seminar following the beginning of the term can register themselves via SSOL as long as seats remain available.

A list of the Fall 2015 seminars that do not require instructor’s permission or a formal application
* * As of April 2nd, 2015 * *

HIST W4225 – The Future of the Soviet Union: New Approaches to the Soviet Past
Tarik Amar
M 10:10-12

HIST W4364 – The Other Idea of Europe: Mass Annihilation in the 20th Century
Abram de Swaan
F 10:10-12

HIST W4555 – American Nativism: Crusades Against Immigrants in a Nation of Immigrants
Hidetaka Hirota
R 8:10-10:10

HIST W4983 – Science and Empire from Baghdad to Byzantium
Alexandre Roberts
T 2:10-4

A list of the Fall 2015 seminars that require a formal application
* * As of March 11th, 2015* *

HIST W4076 - Devotional Objects in Medieval and Early Modern Christianity
Caroline Bynum
W 2:10-4

HIST W4358 – Themes in Intellectual History – History of the Self: Pascal
Mark Lilla
F 2:10-4

HIST W4534 – Capitalism in the Archives
Elizabeth Blackmar/Thai Jones
W 10:10-12

HIST W4659 – Crime in Latin America
Pablo Piccato
W 4:10-6


1. Please complete a Seminar Application Form to formally apply for admission to any seminar that requires pre-application. Complete all of the information requested in the application.  If you need the seminar to graduate in Spring 2016, please do not forget to note this.

2. Complete the application by 4:00 PM, on Monday, March 30. Applications received after the 4:00 PM deadline on Monday, March 30 will NOT be accepted.  There are no exceptions.

3. After the March 30 deadline, all applications will be reviewed by the seminar instructors. The order in which your application is received will not factor into admission decisions. Instructors may give priority, for example, to senior history majors who still need to fulfill their seminar requirement.

4. By Friday, April 3, the Undergraduate Administrator will email students who have been accepted into each seminar and those who are on a waitlist for each of the seminars.

5. If you choose not to enroll in a seminar for which you have been accepted, please notify the seminar professor and copy Najila Naderi ( immediately and not later than Tuesday, April 7 at 5:00 PM, so that your spot can be given to a student on the waiting list. ALSO, if you have been accepted into two seminars that require the “Seminar Application Form,” you must let the Undergraduate Administrator know which of the two would prefer to take by Tuesday, April 7 at 5:00 PM.  (Please note that with the permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies  you may be able to remain enrolled in two seminars requiring the “Seminar Application Form”).

6. In order for the Department to enroll you in the course, you must add yourself to the course’s wait-list during your first registration period.

If you choose to drop a seminar which required the “Seminar Application Form” after registration has taken place, please email both the instructor and the Undergraduate Administrator.

If you have any questions regarding the seminar application process, please contact the History Department.