The Undergraduate Program



The Yearly Plan of Study Form


History majors and concentrators should complete a Plan of Study Form every year to monitor their progress in satisfying the Department’s requirements; in the junior and senior years, this is mandatory. The form, which is required for graduation certification, should be signed by a member of the Undergraduate Education Committee (UNDED) and returned to the Undergraduate Administrator in 413 Fayerweather Hall.

Membership of UNDED changes from year to year. Because of the large number of students, we do not assign individual advisors; you may see any member of UNDED for advice. Students are also welcome to seek informal advising from any faculty member; however a student working with a non-UNDED advisor must still consult with UNDED regarding the yearly Plan of Study form. Please see page 11 in the Undergraduate Handbook for more information.

Spring 2017 UNDED Office Hours
Professor Field Email Office Office Hours
C. Pizzigoni (DUS) LA 321 FAY THURS 2:45-4:45PM
R. Billows ANC 322M FAY MON 10AM-12PM
F. Guridy US 412 FAY THURS 2-3:30PM & BY APPT
R. Stephens AFR 602 FAY TUES 9-11AM
S. Roberts US 758 SCHER. EXT. WED 3-5PM
M. Connelly MEU 403 FAY MON 1:30-3PM & BY APPT
C. Coleman EME 616 FAY TUES 4-6PM & BY APPT
A. Roberts MED 610 FAY TUES 4:10-5PM & THURS 9:40-10:30AM
V. de Grazia MEU 617 FAY MON 4-5:30PM
Degree Requirements

A member of UNDED must review and approve the specialization and breadth courses for both majors and concentrators by the junior year. In the senior year, a new form should be approved by UNDED if any changes have been made. Please see pages 4-6 of the Undergraduate Handbook for a more detailed explanation on selecting courses. Below is a summary:


Courses in History 9 courses (total) 7 courses (total)
Specialization 4 courses 3 courses
Breadth Requirement 3 courses outside specialization: 1 removed in time and 2 removed in space 2 courses outside specialization: 1 removed in time and 1 removed in space
Seminar Requirement 2 seminars, at least 1 in specialization None



  • Majors are required to complete 9 courses in history, 4 of which must be in a specialization defined in consultation with a member of UNDED. Majors must also fulfill a breadth requirement by taking 3 courses far removed from their specialization (one removed in time and two removed in space). Finally, majors must complete at least two seminars, one of which must be in the specialization.
  • Concentrators must take 7 history courses, including 3 in their specialization. Concentrators must also take two breadth courses: one removed in time and one removed in space. There is no seminar requirement for concentrators.
Course Information

Undergraduates are welcome to choose from a variety of courses offered each term by both the Columbia and Barnard History Departments. Each term, some courses are also cross-listed with History, meaning they originate from other departments but are approved to count towards the major or concentration.

Please note some cross-listed courses have sections which are not taught by History faculty or affiliates; these individual sections do not count towards the History degree, even if they appear listed in the Bulletin. For example: some sections of AFCV CC1020, ASCE UN1359ASCE UN1361, or LACV CC1020 have sections every term which are not taught by History or affiliated faculty members; therefore, they cannot be applied to the major or concentration. Please check the faculty page for a full list of core and affiliated faculty members, and contact Sia at if you still have an inquiry about whether a particular section counts.