Graduate Handbook

Registration Categories: RU, ER, M&F, Leaves

Residence Unit (RU): The Residence Unit is a full-time registration category for one semester (whether or not the student is taking courses), which provides the basis for tuition charges. Six Residence Units-including the two for the M.A. degree-are required for the M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees.

Extended Residence (ER): After completing six Residence Units, students are required to register for Extended Residence in any term in which they are holding a university teaching appointment, they are taking a class, or completing a degree requirement other than the dissertation defense.

Matriculation and Facilities (M&F): Advanced students who are neither holding a university teaching appointment nor are completing a degree requirement can satisfy the continuous registration requirement by registering for Matriculation and Facilities (M&F), which allows them to make use of various University facilities. A Ph.D. student registers for M&F if he or she is writing or distributing the dissertation (for instance, while holding a Dissertation Writing Fellowship) and is not engaged in any of the following: taking a course, holding an appointment as a teaching or research fellow, or completing a degree requirement other than the dissertation defense. In all other cases a Ph.D. student must register for either a Residence Unit or Extended Residence.

Students may not register part time; Continuous Registration must be maintained until all requirements for the degree are satisfied. Students are exempted from the requirement to register continuously only when granted a leave of absence.

Graduate students may contact the DGS or Lawino Lurum with questions.

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