Graduate Handbook

Facilities: Labs, Graduate Lounge, Carrels, Lockers, Libraries, Photocopies, Telephones, Fax, Building Access

Computer labs: the university has multiple computer labs throughout the university. History students also have a computer lab/graduate lounge is located in 615 Fayerweather Hall and is accessible via card swipe. For all first time users please swipe your card twice. If it does not work after two tries, please email the Department Administrator.

Graduate lounge: the lounge should be a place for quiet reading and study and may also be used for TA/student meetings. Faculty and staff are not permitted to use the space and students may use it as they see fit.

Graduate students will be responsible for the upkeep and general cleanliness of the lounge.

All mail for graduate students will be placed in the graduate lounge.

Supplies may be ordered directly through the Business Manager.

Assignment of study spaces in Butler Library: The department has access to research spaces for post-MPhil students on the 7th, 8th and 9th floors of Butler Library. History has a total of 24 spaces at this time. Note that research spaces are allocated by GSAS according to the number of eligible students per member department. Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. Ph.D. Students must have earned the MPhil.
  2. The Department must support the application for a post-MPhil research space.
  3. Ph.D. Students must be within six years of first date of registration in the Ph.D. program and must have submitted an approved academic progress form through SSOL within the past year.

Lockers: the department has access to 34 combination lockers located on the 3rd floor of Fayerweather Hall. Only graduate students currently enrolled in the Department of History's Ph.D. program are eligible for these lockers. Students in possession of a study space or an office are not eligible for these lockers. The Graduate Administrator sends out notice of locker lottery at the beginning of each academic year.    Students are awarded lockers based on a lottery system. Students may possess these lockers for the academic year in which they are awarded.

Graduate photocopies/printing: the photocopier in the graduate student lounge is for TA's to copy teaching materials. Copies for other uses should be made at Butler Library. Students should also print at Butler Library using their weekly student allotment.

Telephones: There is a telephone in the graduate student lounge from which students can make local calls. The telephones in the main office are reserved for departmental use.

Fax machine: The fax machine in the main office may be used for local numbers and to receive faxes from any source. Please see the office staff for assistance with the fax machine. The fax machine line number is (212) 851-5963.

Building access: Regular hours for the Department are 9 a.m.-5 p.m, Monday through Friday. Students can enter the Graduate Lounge after hours via Avery Library or by calling the Department of Public Safety by dialing 99 or (212) 854-5555.

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