Graduate Handbook

Annual Student Evaluation and Progress Reports

Evaluation: At the end of each academic year, members of the faculty review the progress of students in their fields, especially of students in their first and second years. Students who are judged not to have made satisfactory progress by the Graduate Education Committee will be asked to withdraw from the program.

Students should speak to the DGS or to their academic advisor if they encounter difficulties that may impact their academic performance.

Progress Reports: All students who have completed their M.Phil, as well as students in their eighth semester who are required to complete their M.Phil. by May, must complete and submit a report of dissertation research and writing progress, with a schedule for completion, to their sponsor each spring, until they are ready to distribute their dissertation.

The progress report must be completed online at Student Services Online (SSOL) by the student and the sponsor. Sponsors completing the response to the progress report must be a current Columbia faculty member who has access to a Columbia e-mail account, and who is willing to complete the report in SSOL by the due date. If your sponsor is a former Columbia faculty member who does not have an active UNI account, the report must be completed by a secondary reader or by your programís Director of Graduate Studies.

Before beginning the progress report, please log into SSOL and confirm that the correct sponsor is listed with your account. If this is not the case, send an e-mail to both your programís graduate coordinator or DGS and to Salvo Candela ( so that we may enter your current advisor/sponsor into your profile before you complete the report.

Students should familiarize themselves with both Department and Graduate School rules concerning satisfactory progress.

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