Annual Newsletter

Final Edition - May 22, 2015

We welcome our incoming Ph.D. candidates for Fall 2015!

Early Modern
Wenrui Zhao
(BA, University of Hong Kong;MA, Courtauld Institute of Arts)

International & Global History
Aaron Glasserman
(Princeton University)
Divya Subramanian
(BA, Barnard College)
Laura Yan
(BA, Wellesley College)

Latin American History
Fabiola Enriquez Flores
(University of Puerto RicoMayaguez)

Medieval History
Robin Reich
(BA, Carlton; MA, Boston College)

Middle Eastern History
Roy Bar Sadeh
(BA, MA; Tel Aviv University)
Joshua Donovan
(BA, Georetown University; MA, University of Chicago)
Dotan Halevy
(BA, MA; Tel Aviv University)

Modern European History
Robert Corban
(BA, University of Mississippi; DPhil, Syracuse University)
Lotte Houwink ten Cate
(BA, Amsterdam University College; MA, University of Amsterdam)
Noelle Turtur
(BA, University of Chicago)

United States History
Yoav Hamdani
(BA;MA, Tel Aviv University)
Kellen Heniford
(BA, Princton University)
Ivon Padilla-Rodriguez
(BA, University of Nevada-Reno)
Aaron Plasek
(BA, Drake University; MA, New York University)
Peter Roady
(BA, Davidson College; MA, Harvard)
Ellen Robertson
(BA, Georgetown University)
Thomas Ryan
(BA, University of Victoria)
Brooks Swett
(BA, Yale University; MA, University of Oxford)
Antonina Woodsum
(BA;MA, University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

Ph.D.s Conferred in 2014-15

Seth Anziska. Camp David’s Shadow: The United States, Israel, and the Palestinian Question, 1977-1993. Sponsor: Rashid Khalidi. Distinction.

Hannah Katherine Barker.  Egyptian and Italian merchants in the Black Sea slave trade, 1260-1500.  Sponsor: Adam J. Kosto.

Samuel Joseph Baurkot Jr.  Kurt Birrenbach and the evolution of German Atlanticism.  Sponsor: Volker R. Berghahn.

Rosie Bsheer.  Making history, remaking place: Textbooks, archives and commemorative spaces in Saudi Arabia.  Sponsor: Rashid Khalidi.

Sayaka Chatani.  Nation-empire: Rural youth mobilization in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea 1895-1945.  Sponsor: Charles K. Armstrong.

Christopher Robin Craig.  The middlemen of modernity: Local elites and agricultural development in Meiji Japan.  Sponsor: Carol Gluck.

Jeremy Adam Eichler. The Emancipation of Memory: Arnold Schoenberg and the Creation of ‘A Survivor from Warsaw’. Sponsor: Volker R. Berghahn.

Megan Greeley French-Marcelin.  Community underdevelopment: Federal aid and the rise of privatization in New Orleans.  Sponsor: Ira Katznelson.

Arunabh Ghosh.  Making it count: Statistics and state-society relations in the early people's Republic of China, 1949-1959.  Sponsor: Madeleine Zelin.

Dahlia Gubara.  Al-Azhar and the orders of knowledge.  Sponsor: Richard W. Bulliet.

Deborah Eve Hamer.  Creating an orderly society: The regulation of marriage and sex in the Dutch Atlantic world, 1621-1674.  Sponsor: Martha C. Howell.

Justin Frederick Jackson.  The work of empire: The U.S. army, military labor, and the making of American colonialism in Cuba and the Philippines.  Sponsor: Eric Foner.

Hayang Sook Kim. Sick at heart: Mental illness and social change in modern Japan. Sponsor: Carol Gluck.

Andrew B. Liu.  The two tea countries: Competition, labor, and economic thought in coastal China and eastern India, 1834 - 1942.  Sponsor: Adam McKeown.

Michael Christopher Low. The Mechanics of Mecca: The Technopolitics of the Late Ottoman Hijaz and the Colonial Hajj. Sponsor: Richard Bulliet.

Lawrence Trenholme MacNamara.  Birth control and the good life in America, 1900-1940.  Sponsor: Matthew J. Connelly.

Martin Daniel Mahla.  Orthodoxy in the age of nationalism: Agudat Yisrael and the religious Zionist movement in Germany, Poland, and Palestine, 1912-1952.  Sponsor: Michael Stanislawski.

Nicholas Patrick Osborne.  Little capitalists: The social economy of saving in the United States.  Sponsor: Eric Foner.

Keith Orejel. Factories in the Fallows: Rural Industrialization and the Rise of a Post-Agricultural Economy, 1945-1980.  Sponsor: Ira Katznelson. Distinction.

Matthew Patrick Spooner. Origins of the Old South: Revolution, Slavery, and Changes in Southern Society, 1776-1800. Sponsor: Eric Foner.

Dale James Stahl.  The two rivers: Water, development and politics in the Tigris-Euphrates basin, 1920-1975.  Sponsor: Rashid Khalidi.

John Frederick Straussberger III. The “particular situation” in the Futa Jallon: Ethnicity, region, and nation in twentieth-century Guinea. Sponsor: Gregory Mann.

Chiara Tessaris.  Peace and security beyond military power: The League of Nations and the Polish-Lithuanian Dispute (1920-1923).  Sponsor: Mark A. Mazower.

Alex Stoyanov Toshkov.  The rise and fall of the Green International: Stamboliiski and his legacy in east European agrarianism, 1919-1939.  Sponsor: Mark A. Mazower. ​

Congratulations to all those who successfully defended their dissertations in 2014-15!

Samuel Frank Biagetti. The unfinished temple: The Rhode Island Freemason and its meaning of masonry in the eighteenth century. Sponsor: Christopher L. Brown.

Constanza Castro. As a Citizen of this City: The Urbanization of Radical Liberalism, Bogata 1848-1880. Sponsor: Pablo Piccato. Distinction.

Joshua Georgy. Fragmented geographies: The See of Alexandria, its following, and the estrangements of modernity. Sponsor: Rashid Khalidi.

Suzanne Maria Kahn. Divorce and the politics of the American social welfare regime, 1969-2001. Sponsor: Alice Kessler-Harris. Distinction.

Sarah Raskin. False Oaths: English Lollards and the Insincere Abjuration of Heresy, c. 1400-c. 1530. Sponsor: Martha C. Howell.

Dissertation Write-up Fellowships Awarded for the 2015-16 Academic Year

Doris G. Quinn Fellows:

  • Kyoungjin Bae
  • James T. Roane
  • Elizabeth Schwall

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship:

  • Justin Reynolds

Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship:

  • Weiwei Luo
  • Daniel Morales
  • Peter Walker

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship:

  • Debra Glasberg Gail

2015-16 Fellowships, Awards, Grants, Jobs, & Babies

Seth Anziska has accepted a post of Assistant Professor in Jewish-Muslim Relations at University College London.

Carolyn Arena welcomed son Theo Arena Merguerian on September 19, 2014.

Divya Cherian will be an Assistant Professor at the Department of History at Princeton University. She and her husband welcomed a daughter, Aranya, in June of 2014.

Eunsung Cho has received the Florence Tan Moeson Fellowship from the Library of Congress, and a Weatherhead Ph.D. Summer Training Grant from the Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

Hannah Elmer has received the Fulbright US Student Program to Poland for the academic year 2015/16. Her article, “Sites of Life: Resuscitating and Baptizing Dead Infants in Central Europe, 1400-1600” (John Boswell Dissertation Grant, Medieval Academy of America) has been published.

Susanna Ferguson has been awarded a FLAS in Ottoman Turkish for Summer 2015 as well as a CAORC Mellon Mediterranean Regional Research Fellowship and an SSRC International Dissertation Research Fellowship 2015-16 academic year.

Mary Tibbetts Freeman received a New England Regional Fellowship Consortium Award and was named a Library Resident Research Fellow at the American Philosophical Society.

Angela Giordani has received the SSRC IDRF fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year.

Marianne Gonzalez Le Saux has received the SSRC-IDRF for th 2015-16 academic year.

Romeo Guzman will be a Visiting Fellow at the Center for US-Mexican Studies, UCSD.
South El Monte Arts Posse's East of East Column, edited by Romeo Guzman, with contributions by Eric Frith, Senia Barragan, Daniel Morales, Nick Juravich, Jude Webre, Maria John, Melquiades Fernandez, Andre Deckrow, was nominated for an LA Press Club Award. East of East public history project was also nominated for the Autry Museum's annual Public History Award.

Masako Hattori received the American Political History Institute Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Prize for a paper she delivered at the 7th Annual Boston University Graduate Student American Political History Conference.

Sara Hidalgo has received the Fulbright-García Robles for the 2015-16 academic year.

Mookie Kideckel has been awarded the Alfred D. Chandler Jr. Travel Grant, Baker Library, Harvard Business School and a Dissertation Grant from the  Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women, Radcliff Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University.

Hayang Sook Kim has accepted a tenure-track assistant professor position in the Department of History at Johns Hopkins University.

Daniel Kressel has received the SSRC_IDRF fellowship for the 2015-16 academic year.

Chien Wen Kung has received a Research Abroad fellowship from the Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund for research in Taiwan. He has also married Xiaoqian Ji.

Scott Lawrence has been awarded the Summer FLAS.

Owain John Lawson has received the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) fellowship.

Andrew Lebovich has received a fellowships from the American Institute for Maghrib Studies and Columbia’s Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life, which will permit him to conduct pre-prospectus research this summer in Algeria, Mali, and Senegal.

Michael Christopher Low has accepted a tenure-track professorship in the Department of History at Iowa State University. He has also received a 2015-16 Visiting Senior Fellowship  from Koç University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations in Istanbul. In addition, he has an article, “Ottoman Infratsructures of the Saudi Hydro-State: The Technopolitics of Pilgrimage and Potable Water in the Hijaz,” forthcoming in Comparative Studies in Society and History 57, no. 4 (Nov. 2015).

Sean O’Neil has received an ICLS Summer Fellowship.

Allison Kirkpatrick Powers  has been awarded a GSAS International Travel Fellowship, a Littleton-Griswold Research Grant from the AHA, a Samuel Flagg Bemis Research grant from SHAFR, and a summer Field Research Grant from ILAS.

Luca Provenzano has received an ICLS Summer Fellowship.

Noah Rosenblum has been named a Legal History Fellow at Yale Law School for the 2015-16 academic year.

Ian Shin’s article “Art for the ‘Hardware City’: The New Britain Museum of American Art and Cultural Life in a Small New England City, 1903-1964 has been accepted by and will appear in the spring 2015 issue of Connecticut History Review.

Shulamit Shinnar was awarded the Morton Smith Fellowship for the study Antiquity by Morton Smith Trust at Columbia University.

Simon Stevens was awarded a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellowship at the European University Institute in Florence for the 2015-16 academic year.

Stephen Wertheim received a Junior Research Fellow, King’s College, University of Cambridge, and a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Values and Public Policy, University Center for Human Values and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University.

Natasha Grace Wheatley has accepted a four-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Laureate Research Program in International History at the University of Sydney. Her article “Mandatory Interpretation” was published this month in Past and Present.

Adrien Zakar is publishing his first article in IJMES this summer.