Pierre-Etienne Stockland

Pierre-Etienne Stockland

Email: ps2617@columbia.edu
Field: Early Modern Europe
Advisor: Pamela Smith
Year: 2010

My dissertation examines transformations in the modes of understanding and controlling outbreaks of invasive insect populations in eighteenth-century France. It analyses the social, intellectual and material technologies developed by naturalists, agricultural improvers, state administrators and clergymen to manage agricultural crises caused by insect infestations. A study of these heterogenous networks will provide a point of departure for thinking about the historical intertwining of science, technology, politics and the environment.

An early iteration of this project received the Annals of Science 'Best Paper Prize' (2013): "La Guerre Aux Insectes: Pest-Control and Agricultural Reform in the French Enlightenment" Annals of Science 70 (3), 2013.

A second article, "Policing the Oeconomy of Nature: The Oiseau Martin as an Instrument of Oeconomic Management in the Eighteenth-Century French Maritime World," is forthcoming in a special issue of History and Technology.

In 2014-2015, I will be in Paris conducting my dissertation research. This work will be funded by an International Dissertation Research Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council, and a Dissertation Improvement Grant from the National Science Foundation. In the fall of 2014, I will also be teaching a course on the comparative history of Europe and Asia in the 19th century at Sciences-Po.

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