Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins

Email: dsj2110@columbia.edu
Field: Modern Western Europe
Advisor: Samuel Moyn
Year: 2009

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins primarily focuses on modern western European history . His dissertation is tentatively entitled, “The Other Intellectuals: Raymond Aron and the United States”. This project seeks to reorient the thought of Raymond Aron – the French sociologist and Cold War champion of liberalism – away from his decades-long critique of the French Marxists intellectual scene. Instead it portrays Aron as an early and perceptive critic of American international relations realism theory, neo-liberalism, and the turn to international human rights in the 1970s . It also explores Aron’s role in the reception of American intellectual thought into France.

Daniel is currently a consulting editor and regular contributor for The Immanent Frame. His is also the book review editor for the Journal of Politics, Religion and Ideology.

His work has appeared in Times Literary Supplement, Dissent, Los Angeles Review of Books, Prospect Magazine, Modern Intellectual History and elsewhere. He currently teaches in the politics department at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). He has subsidiary interests in debates concerning religion, secularism and the philosophy of history.

Selected forthcoming publications:

• “Introduction to the thought of Jan Assmann,” in Theological Genealogies: Reflections on Secularization in 20th-century German thought ed Willem Styfhals (Cornell University Press), forthcoming

• “Plettenberg not Paris: Julien Freund, the New Right and France's Liberal Moment. ” in In Search of the Liberal Moment: Democracy, Anti-totalitarianism and Intellectual Politics in France since 1950 eds. Iain Stewart and Stephen Sawyer (Palgrave MacMillian), forthcoming

• Co-written review of Joseph Massad’s Islam in Liberalism for Los Angeles Review of Books, forthcoming