Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins

Email: dsj2110@columbia.edu
Field: Modern Western Europe
Advisor: Samuel Moyn
Year: 2009

Current interests:
Militant liberalism, political realism, international relations theory, theology and the philosophy of history, comparative secularism, Post-War conservatism in Germany, France and the United States.

Dissertation: Raymond Aron: An Intellectual Biography (tentative title)

Selected Publications:

• Why Did Raymond Aron Write that Carl Schmitt Was Not a Nazi?: An Alternative Genealogy of French Liberalism Modern Intellectual History forthcoming

• Julien Freund and the Origins of Political Realism in France Patters of Prejudice forthcoming

• Michael Oakeshott's Theological Genealogy of Modernity The European Legacy forthcoming

• Review of Christophe Prochasson's François Furet: Les chemins de la mélancolie Prospect Magazine forthcoming