Asheesh Siddique

Field: International/Global
Advisor: Christopher Brown
Year: 2009

I work on the intellectual, political, and administrative history of the British Empire in both the Atlantic world and India; colonial America; the history of the book; the history of information; historical epistemology; and European and American cultural and intellectual history from the Enlightenment to the present. I did my previous degrees at Princeton (AB, 2007) and Oxford (M.Phil, 2009). I entered the program in 2009 and completed qualifying exams in May 2012 (fields: Atlantic World with Christopher L. Brown, Modern Britain with Susan Pedersen, Modern European Intellectual and Cultural History with Samuel Moyn, and Theories and Methods of Cultural and Intellectual History with Matthew L. Jones). With the support of fellowships from a number of different institutions, including the Social Science Research Council, the Omohundro Institute, the Alliance Program, and Columbia University, I recently completed a PhD dissertation entitled "Paperwork, Governance, and Archive in the British Empire During the Age of Revolutions" (chair: Christopher L. Brown; committee: Evan Haefeli, Matthew L. Jones, Pamela Smith, and Joanna Stalnaker). It is a history of administrative paperwork and archivization in the British empire in both the Atlantic world and India, as well as Britain internal, in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. I will defend my dissertation in early 2016 and receive my PhD degree in May 2016.