David Marcus

David Marcus

Email: dm2787@columbia.edu
Field: United States
Advisor: Casey Blake
Year: 2010

David Marcus is a PhD candidate focusing on twentieth-century U.S. intellectual and political history. His research interests include modern political thought, the history of social movements and political institutions in the North Atlantic, and American intellectual culture. His dissertation—“Fugitive Democracy: the 'Long New Left' and the Revival of Democratic Thought in America”—is a study of political thought and protest movements in the United States from the 1950s to the 1980s. A Hofstadter Fellow from 2010 to 2015, he recently helped edit a volume of Marshall Berman's essays and criticism, Modernism in the Streets.

David is the literary editor of The Nation and editor-at-large of Dissent. He contributes essays on politics and literature to, among other places, The New RepublicBookforum, n+1, andLe Monde.

Selected publications:

“Men in Space: Tom McCarthy and the Novel of Disenchantment,” The New Republic 

“Dangling Man: Joseph O'Neill and the Cosmopolitan Novel,” Bookforum 

“Always Come Late! The Radical Life and Times of Irving Howe,” The New Republic 

“In Praise of Amateur Politics: Protest Movements and the American Left,” Dissent 

“La gauche Americaine peut l'emporter en exigeant l'impossible,” Le Monde 

“Into the Cave: Sheldon Wolin's Search for Democracy,” Dissent 

“Marxism with Soul: On the Life and Cultural Criticism of Marshall Berman,” n+1

“Worlds in Waiting: The Promise of Little Magazines,” Dissent

“Meme si Bernie Sanders perdait, un changement radical est en marche,” Le Monde 

“States of Emergency: French and American Terror Politics,” (editorial note) Dissent 

“The Next Majority: Prospects of the Sanders Campaign,” Dissent 

“Beyond Indecision: On Benjamin Kunkel's Utopia Or Bust,” Bookforum 

“The Ambivalence Artist: The Reluctant Anarchism of J.M. Coetzee,” Dissent 

“A Washington, une bombe ennemie des libertes,” Le Monde 

“Permanent Emergency: National Security and the Democratic Process,” Dissent 

“Optimism of Intellect: Little Magazines and the Left” (interview), Krytyka Polityczna

“A Politics of Ambition: On the Sanders campaign and the Fight for $15,” (editorial note) Dissent 

“Citizen Politics: The Left and the New Protest Movements,” (editorial note) Dissent 

“The Horizontalists: Intellectual and Political Origins of Occupy Wall Street,” Dissent

“The Gunshot Concert: What Happened to the Political Novel?” Dissent

“Post Hysterics: Zadie Smith and the Austerity Novel,” Dissent 

“Los horizontalistas: las ideologia politica de nueva izquierda,” Horizontal

“Memory as Homeland: George Konrad and the Question of Antipolitics,” Dissent