Jordan Katz

Field: Early Modern/Jewish
Advisor: Elisheva Carlebach
Year: 2013


Jordan Katz is a Ph.D student in Early Modern Jewish history, with interests in Jewish cultural history, history of science, and Jewish communal autonomy.

Jordan received her BA in 2011 from Columbia University, where she majored in History and received honors from the Department of History. Upon graduating, she worked briefly in the corporate sector and then taught English in rural India. Along the way, she has served as a research assistant for various historical endeavors, including the Circles of Justice exhibition at the Center for Jewish History in downtown New York.

Aside from history, Jordan is passionate about primary and secondary education in India. When she is not studying, she takes improvisation classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade and plays with various improv teams around the city. She looks forward to the day when she can start a history grads improv team, which would undoubtedly produce some very nerdy scenes.