Sarwate, Rahul

Field: South Asia; Advisor: Rao

Rahul Sarwate is a first year graduate student in History department, pursuing his PhD in south Asian history. In particular, his research is focussed on the question of Deshivad (nativism) in Maharashtra. Deshivad or Nativism is an intellectual concept that flows through colonial and postcolonial constructions of modern Marathi subjectivity.

His attempt is to write an intellectual history of the term nativism from the late colonial period (1818 onwards) in Maharashtra to nativist political rhetoric in Shiv Sena (a political party) and to its much nuanced articulation in literary theory and fiction in Bhalachandra Nemade (chief proponent of nativism) and its late 20th century critiques and engagements both within and outside the Marathi history/literature world.

Rahul has often been tagged as a generalist as his interests include intellectual history, novels, literary history, social theory, music and films. He grew up in Mumbai, India. He did his BA (Economics) and MA (Sociology) from Mumbai University and his MPhil (Sociology) from the Delhi University.