Harris, William V.

William R. Shepherd Professor of History


Ph.D. — Oxford University, 1968
M.A. — Oxford University, 1964
B.A. — Oxford University, 1961


Interests and Research

William Vernon Harris, Shepherd Professor of History, specializes in the history of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. He received his B.A., M.A. and D.Phil. degrees from Oxford University. His books includeRome’s Imperial Economy (2011), Dreams and Experience in Classical Antiquity (2009), Restraining Rage: the Ideology of Anger Control in Classical Antiquity (2002), Ancient Literacy (1989), and War and Imperialism in Republican Rome (corrected edition, 1985).  His edited books include Rethinking the Mediterranean (2005), The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans (2008), and Mental Disorders in the Classical World (2013). He has recently completed a book provisionally entitled Roman Power: a Thousand Years of Empire. W.V. Harris is the Director of Columbia's Center for the Ancient Mediterranean, and Editor of the monograph series Columbia Studies in the Classical Tradition. Read his articles "The Mediterranean and Ancient History" (2005) and "Defining and Detecting Mediterranean Deforestation, 800 BCE to 600 CE" (2013).


Since 2008

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