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Gregory Mann


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Ph.D. — Northwestern University 2000
M.A. — Northwestern University 1995
B.A. — University of Georgia 1993

Interests and Research

Gregory Mann is an historian of francophone West Africa. His most recent book is From Empires to NGOs in the West African Sahel: the Road to Nongovernmentality (Cambridge, 2015). Drawing on research conducted primarily in Mali, the book analyzes the rise of novel forms of political rationality among governments and non-governmental organizations in the Sahel from 1946 to the late 1970s. His award-winning book Native Sons: West African Veterans and France in the 20th century was published by Duke University Press in 2006. Mann's articles have appeared in the American Historical Review, Comparative Studies in Society and History, the Journal of African History and Politique Africaine, among other publicationsHis writing on contemporary West African politics has appeared in Foreign Policy, the Review of African Political Economy, and in various media outlets. He blogs periodically with the Africa Is a Country collective (


  • West African History
  • Writing Contemporary African History
  • Africa and France
  • Islam in Africa
  • African Civilizations
  • Making African History: Between Field and Archive
  • Introduction to History and Historiography
  • Historiography of Africa
  • Neoliberal Africa


The End of the Road: Nongovernmentality in the West African Sahel (Cambridge University Press, 2015)

Native Sons: West African Veterans and France in the 20th century

Recent Articles

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